Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You put me in bliss

I want to ask you
Are you the one that I love?
Are you the one, miss?
Are you the one, miss?
Are you the one that I love?
I want to ask you

Written for: Week Ten of The NaiSaiKu Challenge


  1. you definitely are the one.. :) thanks its beautiful

  2. Beautifully done Tan, and the title seems to stick right out off the page!

  3. _"the title seems to stick right out off the page!"_

    and i think ur question has already been answered..

    thanks for sharing this..

  4. Nicely done.
    By the way, for some reason the last comment you made on my blog was diverted to the spam queue. Don't know why, but be assured if it happens again, I'll rescue it, as i did that one.

  5. Nicely written Tan!

    As to ur question of whether im the same sonshu whose following ur blog? Yes! Im the one! My blog is Sneak-a-Peek into the mind of a teenager..The one u commented on and i am following ur blog..

  6. beautiful work!
    following this blog from now on...


  7. pulkit.tiwari@gmail.com is my email ID!
    add me on gtalk if u feel like bhaiya!
    tc! :)
    I loved all ur work on that series ... thanks!:)

  8. @ Anonymous

    Thanks :)

    @ STG,

    What exactly did you mean by that... the title seems to stick right out off the page!... it seems to be confusing!!! please please tell me ...

  9. @ Zoya

    I wish my question would have been answered... but alas! Somthings are never to be answered...

    @ Anthony North

    Thanks for that Anthony... I love your blog... like many many others...

    @ Ezieta

    Welcome to my blog... thanks for the visit... whats the meaning of your name??

    @ Sonshu

    I like your blog too. It is very nice and with all the stories you write, it smells awesome!! Thanks for following me. Now, you are to read my posts and I will be expecting you everytime I post something :) Thanks again :)

  10. @ Meena Iyer

    Welcome to Thus Wrote Tan! Thanks for the visit.. keep reading me...

    @ Pulkit

    I have read all your posts in TWL and I love them all. You are a good tallent. Nice to see you in my blog here. I will add you in Gmail in some time...



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