Saturday, April 18, 2009


A freezing Day
Snow filled the crowded streets
It shines bright, as dazzling marble
All white.

Learnt Cinquain form of poetry from Pratibha at:
Crossposted at: The Writers Lounge on April 11, 2009


  1. i will view winter with different eyes now.. i used to dread the wintery snowy days.. u make it seem beautiful and pure like marble..thanks

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    You are the only regular reader and commentator in my blog now. I have had a very nice edifying experience in the last week. I saw that only those poems/stories that I write for a prompt are read. I also saw that a few people were regular on my blog, but then, as I was away for some days, they left reading me too.
    You are the only one who read most of my posts in the last week. I'm very happy to see that! Thanks reader. Thanks friend. Thanks for reading me...
    Tan :)

  3. The poem and the picture is one ... I miss you, but glad you are enjoying your "vacation" ...

  4. Tan,

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  5. i've seen a winter day just like that over here (in london)...beautiful. will put up a pic or something on my blog sometime :)
    n yes, your poem's as lovely as the picture...

  6. @ Amias

    I'm back from my vacation of 9 long days today and probably for the rest of this month, I will write continuosly. I do not know what is on the cards from next month onwards.

    I'm happy that you are back in my blog. And I'm happy that you remembered it. Blesses and grateful! Thanks...

    @ Princess Sonshu

    I will surely go through the link once I am in office. I will try to participate too. Thanks a lot for the info :)

    @ Misty Rhythm

    Here you are, in my blog again. Thanks for visiting :) London must be a place to be. You do not know how often I want to be in London. Somehow I miss it. I have never been there, only have read and aspired about the place. I'm happy that you could relate the poem to an actual situation.



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