Friday, April 3, 2009

I will be what you want

She says I need to grow up.
Now, how do I know if I have really grown up?
I don’t know how was all well earlier. So strange!
I am as I am now but she asks me to change.

How long should I walk
To become a man?
And after I reach
Will I remain Tan?

Will you still love me
If I really change
Or will still search for me
In my exchange?

How long should I live
To have lived long?
Will you be with me
And walk along?

How do I love you
To have loved you right?
Should I be the patsy
Or a burly knight?

Will you ever tell me
How should I be?
I will be what you want
In loving thee.

=== :) ===


  1. How utterly sweet ... only a man in love could write such a poem ...

  2. that was most of ur other posts- simple and from the heart. ah...i guess there's no ONE way to love a person :). women r complicated creatures...we want to stand as equals with men and yet we seek "special mention" for simply being a woman ...we want independance and yet we look to the men in our lives to protect us...we're strong as a rock and still we seek refuge in our lover's arms...

  3. Tan a lot of love shown in this poem..but can sense some sadness too.. when u love someone, u accept them wholly, the way they are..touching poem..thanks for sharing

  4. Hmm, there are a very few men out there who think so such that they can work upon their relationship. You know that, don't you?

    I love the sensitivity to this piece via your expression. All these lines do probe into anyone's head. The difference lies in expressing it. And, you have done that. Well done!!!

    Keep writing!!!

  5. @ Amias

    I'm in love - as always...

    @ Misty Rhythm

    Women are not too complicated. Well, they are when they are at cross with you; but then, when they are not, they are the simplest creatures on earth. I have seen women closely and I love both of them equally. One of them is so simple to me, as if I'm a kid and she's teaching me how to play cricket. The other one is so complex now a days, that I still feel like a kid, in front of a Nuclear Scientist!!!

    Well, I do not want to confuse you anymore. I'm happy to see your footsteps here. Keep visiting more often :)

    @ Nitu

    Thanks :)

    @ Anonymous

    Sadness and Happiness are two sides of a coin. They come together, stay together, leave together. It’s just the absence of one another that we name differently.

    @ Insiya/Illusion


    @ Brosreview

    Thanks for the explicit comment. You know what? I like to think deep on something that I often come across and also on things that are alien to me. I want to express those thoughts, as everybody else. I'm blessed that I can write (I mean, I'm literate) to express myself in the way I have.

    Thanks a lot for visiting... keep coming back and reading more of me...

    (Good on ya?)


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