Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was not satisfied with the First poem that I wrote here. A few thought, I felt were unexpressed. So, I wrote a new one and this time, tried to follow a Monorhyme form too. Hope you like both the poems.

Feelings so deep
Real they are
I want you to know.
Every step I take
Nears me to you,
Deciphers your thoughts
Silently, my love!
Hope you’ll stay
In all the storms of life
Pleased and by my side!


Forever and a day
Rule my heart, if you may
In every possible way.
Eager to know what you’ll say
Needless to allay!
Don’t go away.
Silly it sounds, but hey
Hear am I to you, all the way
I love you, and again I say
Pal, please stay!

Written as prompted in Acrostic Only (Friendship)
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  1. hey its just beautiful..love it. means a lot.. its says it all about a true friendship..

  2. Both are good Tan, but I do like the second one better ... it's whimsical, and and fun to read.

    Of subject --- left something in the shout box for you. Let me know what you think .... better still email me and let's talk about your prompts.

  3. Thanks Anonymous...

    Amias, thanks for reading it and liking it all the same ...

    Hey, dont you get serious on the suggestions. I just wrote what I felt. You think over it. If my prompts qualify, use them. All your prompts so far were fine. We will be happy to write on those too never the less! :)

  4. Hi Tan, it's very difficult to write a good acrostic - and doing it with a love poemn is even harder, although hopefully the object of your affection will be pleased with your valiant attempt!

  5. Very good acrostic on Friendship and I enjoyed reading.

  6. i loved the second one a lot !! so rythmic !!
    dnt worry .. i will say .. always ;)

  7. @ STG

    The OBJECT of my affection is my wife (hehehe) ... Hope she loves it when she gets to read it... thanks for your wishes Sir :)

    @ Maggie

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for following the same... Thanks a lot for visiting and liking my poem. Do
    read the older posts when you find time...

    @ Pratibha

    What will you say, now???? (lol)
    Thanks ;)

    Good on ya!

  8. Nice poem written for your wife tan....sweet thoughts!!!!

  9. I like the 2nd one better - just needs a little tweaking, that's all. I'd end with Please stay.

  10. @ NItu

    Thanks for the comment... this was indeed for my wife... our friendship is ages old... since the inception, almost... and it will remain forever... Amen!!

    @ RDL

    Welcome to my blog. You want to tweak the second poem?? Well, would love to see that happen. I can see you write poems yourself... why dont you try to tweak it and share it with us then? We will all be happy reading you :)

  11. AH!, So very beautifully put.
    I loved the monorhyme specially..:)

  12. Thanks Bharat... keep reading and commenting... your comments mean so much!!


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