Saturday, April 4, 2009


The Email:
Dear Miss Swarnalatika,

Hope this finds you in good mood. I am writing this in regards with the contract that we both have signed a couple of years ago. Hope you remember all the terms and conditions in the contract; I guess you do. Well, this email is to re-mention that the contract is over now and I am sure we do not want to renew the same. So, here I call off the contract. I have paid you enough, in fact more than what was decided upon. Hope you have no grudges (at least) on that now.

Well, it was a wonderful year and I enjoyed your company a lot. Wish I could tell the same about you. You can tell about that better. Your dedication towards your job was admirable and enviable.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment and the level of tolerance and patience that you showed while you were alongside.

Wishing you all the best for your future,
Mr. Rashaal

The Reply:
Respectable Mr. Rashaal,

Thank you for your email. I was about to write about the contract myself, but I did not get enough time these days. Also, I was not sure if we will renew the contract. To tell you the truth, I always felt that you will want to renew the contract yourself, but then, even with the amount of devotion, loyalty and affection that I have shown during the period (that you have also mentioned in your email about), I could not make a niche for myself in your heart. I feel I was always a contracted worker to you; more after receiving your email. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Yes, I enjoyed your company too. I wanted to thank you for that too – for choosing me to be in your contract. The two years of being a contractual wife has given me a lot – a lot of money, a lot of togetherness and of course, a lot of emotional attachments too. I would not forget it in the rest of my secluded and insignificant life. I have done whatever I could do to make everyone feel like I am your real wife. Even your Dad did not question me – neither did your relatives. Everybody knows me as your wife, as Mrs. Latika Rashaal Mukherjee. Hope you have a good reason to tell them, of our separation or of my demise! Whatever!

Anyways, I will not take more money than what was in our contract. I have calculated the amount and I am returning the excess amount in form of a cheque. Trust me, there is no emotional attachment with that. For, money has not been my weak point anytime. I did not come to you for merely money; but I guess you would never be able to know what I came here for. I have given it everything I had – everything, only if you could understand!

Thanks for everything that you have given me. I was wrong in asking you for anything else, as you do not have anything else to give me too. I understand all of you now, as always.

There is one more thing I wanted to tell you, before I say goodbye. I have no hard feelings for you. Nothing in particular; nothing in general!

Have a prosperous and love filled life.

Yours ever faithful,

PS: Say my 'Hi' to Sujata and please mention that I do not have any hard feelings for her too. Whatever she has told was all correct; she showed me who I am – I seemed to have forgotten that of late. And I did not take her diamond necklace; you know that the best. Anyways, hope my cheque helps you.

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  1. Nice !! i have something to write in a letter form too.. will write and post soon !!

  2. very nice.. a lot of emotions portrayed in the letter too.. liked this format of writing..

  3. wow ...this is was perfect...a professional emotional way ...loved it

  4. Pratibha, write and post soon and also, share with us so that we can read.

    Anonymous, thanks for liking it.

    I did not like the professionalism in the first letter though, and to say the least, I disliked it to the most, Mysterious Gal. I wish to have not written anything like this anytime.
    Thanks for reading me again... please keep visiting :)

  5. well Tan noone likes to write such things...but alas they do happen !

  6. Breaking up seem to be easy to do these days. When I was young I broke up with a lover, I went to his house so I could crash it. After all, most of the stuff there were gifts from me. Like I said, I was young an dumb, and there was no emails.

    Tan I enjoyed this ... it's like a story, a dance of sort.

  7. @ Mysterious Gal

    They do happen - yes! I'm happy to have written it... just changing my thoughts a bit ...

    @ Amias

    You know Amias, there is less of emotions in people these days... and whoever shows a bit of emotional attachment is thrashed so hard that s/he never feels like getting emotional for the rest of his/her life! Faith, trust and belief are things not very much in practice, like older days... I might sound like an orthodox here, but I'm not... hehehe...

    You did great by getting face to face with the man ... that was fine ... that needs guts too... anyways... happy that you felt a dance in it ... I'm dumb to see that :(

    Keep reading :)

  8. hey .. really nice..
    but end is not too much clear...


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