Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coming back

I let her break in for I never expected her back so early. She had gone for good, I thought. She was all tears and laughing dramatically, as if I was ghost.
“Kiss me.”
We kissed. Heaven broke down upon us. That was the best moment in my life. And we lived happily ever after.

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Another Trial at Fiction 55.. Hope you like reading it...


  1. Tan! Tan! Wake up .. you are dreaming! Sorry I should not have awaken you from this dream, but I was having a nightmare. LOL

    I am playing catch up, as I had so much hard work to do the last two weeks. You use to remind me when you posted something ... you know I am old and don't always look at my follower's list.

  2. That's my fault Amias, I should have nudged you a little about my posts. but then, I was away and I scheduled almost all the posts here. Sorry, could not do so.

    I was very particular about this post as I thought many will find it nice. But then, no one read it :( ... anyways... Happy to find you back in my blog :)


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