Sunday, April 12, 2009

है तुझे कसम

है तुझे कसम
तूफान में घिरके ना खोना अपने आपको
हर रह तेरी होगी बुलंदियों की और ।

है तुझे कसम
अपनी मौत ना बना लेना अपने खौफ को
उम्मीद से बांधले अपनी जीवन की डोर ॥

है तुझे कसम
काँटों को करने दे अपनी राहों की हिफाज़त
काँटों से घबराकर चलना ना छोर ।

है तुझे कसम
ये जीवन है सुख और दुःख की बनावट
दुःख से घबरा कर अपनी रहे ना मोर ।।

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  1. I wonder why didn't anyone comment on this.

    Its got so many Hindi errors. :P

    Nevertheless, that's okay.....

    The message got coneveyed, that's more important.

    I loved it.

    And I can't leave without adding my favourite one here:

    Tu shaaheen hai, parwaa.Z hai kaam tera
    Tere saamne aasmaaN aur bhi haiN.

    You are a rockstar Tan. I really liked this one :)

  2. Hehehe Ilashree,
    Please point out all the mistaked I have made... (b4 anyone else sees those :P)
    I really need a mentor in writing Hindi. I find none. I have actually asked a few people to guide me through, but then - everyone is busy, you see... No one has time for me...
    Help me if you can... That would do only good, isnt it??


  3. good tan
    u are improving
    well done


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