Monday, April 13, 2009

ANything FOr U..

Life has been so short
I could do all I needed
But could not love you
As much as I wanted to.

Wanted all for you
I wanted to get you moon
Would bring world to you
Whatever else you want, too.

Alas! I could not
Do anything for you, love
Could not make you dance,
Could not make you smile for once!

Love it was, throughout
Only that you could not see,
Wanted to be yours
I wanted to heal your soars.

I know I have failed
To stand by you in distress
But I would be there -
Now, here, there and anywhere!

Those times were such, and
Life had not been too placid
Told you my notions
I had my limitations.

Come back to me now
Its time, we make our own
New world to live in
And accept all with a grin.

Hope, concur my thoughts
Smile, run back straight to my heart
Come, leaving the rest
Love, for that’s what we do best
Together we’ll touch the crest!

Crossposted at: The Writers Lounge on March 13, 2009


  1. I liked your writing style...came here thru neetu's blog..must say u have done a nice job. If u don mind, please share how u have blocked right click and also trying to dabble a bit with my blog..see ya! :)

  2. There is a Code for this, Himanshu... send me an email. I will send you the code :)

    Thanks for the visit. Do come here more often and read me...

  3. Tan read this.. i love ur love poems, so much feeling and promises.. u r a man trully in love, keep loving..

  4. Thanks again Anonymous... This is all I do : I Love!!!

    Pray for me... pray that my love for my wife never dies... I would not be Tan anymore without the love in me...

    Thanks again :)

  5. Oh the heart is so tender, and love is so demanding ... even with the pain, can one live without it?

  6. Yes...

    I have seen men without love
    I have seen then living
    I have come across heart that does not beat
    I have heard them sounding!!

    Well Amias, this is what came to my mind after reading your comment... Hope it expresses all!!


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