Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There has not been a day
That I did not remember you.
There has not been a night
That I did not miss you.
For, you were always with me,
In my thoughts and my breaths
There has not been a moment
That I did not love you.

With oceans and mountains in between us
You have made sure you come closer to me,
With every moment that passes by
I feel you much nearer to me.

This time has always been taken a lot from us
This distance has always been tearing us apart
I could, but I never said how much I love you,
I say now, “Come straight to my heart.”

And life will be happy
As it never was
The time will be cheerful
As it never was
The distance will vanish,
As if it was never there
We will live happily ever after,
When you will come near, my dear!


  1. beautiful poetry tan...mora than loved the last lines.. :)

  2. beautiful...the post as well as the site! comes one more follower of ur blog ;)

  3. Hey Thanks mates ... for visiting and reading this ...

    Naveen, now as you are following the blog, I hope you will visit it more often and let me know how you feel ... thanks again! :)

  4. Beautiful poetry.......... I like the way you write........... truly touches the heart.

  5. Very beautiful poem. Did your write this about a lady friend?

  6. Tan, a truly heart touching poem, beautiful lyrics, thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful! You have a real talent. I wish I could read your other posts in your own language, I am sure they are just as good. Well done.

  8. awesome !
    a beauty of words's has amde its way out!
    keep up Tan!

  9. @ Lisa, UZ

    Thanks for liking the poem ... you read it is more than appreciated ... keep visiting

    @ Patty

    Yes, you are right ... all I write, all I have been writing and probably all I will write in future is for my girlfriend - my wife! She has been there with me all my life and she would be ... She's my inspiration and all I post in this blog is for her!

    @ Granny OTW

    Thanks for visiting and reading. The Blog has poems written in my national language, Hindi and my mother tongue, Bengali. Most are in Hindi as I have a separate Bengali blog. Please use the link in the categories for direct access to the English poems. I hope you will read more in future. Please keep visiting ...

  10. great thoughts penned down....looking forward to more lovely poems.May be you would write about the!!


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