Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A bug – a guru.

Here I sit, in this stranded cave
Having lost all –
My family, love, kingdom and people.
I have nowhere to go,
I await no one’s call –
In that bloody battlefield, I lost them all!

The battle so filthy,
It ruined me to dust –
My people betrayed, whom I trust
Still. Maybe it’s time
For me to bid goodbye –
After all that happened, I wonder why!

Where are you?
My loveliest –
The one to whom I sworn.
Traitor, yet my friend
Where have you gone?
Deceiving the land, where you were born!

Sitting here tonight,
I feel so low,
For, apart from the heavens, I’ve nowhere to go,
I flew from the arena
My people know
This shameful face of mine, I cannot show.

My sword, my friend
I plea to thee –
Cut off my head and set me free,
For, I have no choice
But to flee –
Tomorrow’s sunrise, I want not to see.

But stop. What is that bug on the wall?
Striving to climb up, yet so small,
Hurling a web and trying to mount
But each time it would surely fall.

No, wait! It is climbing now
Showing me the way exactly how
What a thought, that has crept in my mind!
“O Spider, my teacher, let me take a bow.”

Now I know! No need to fake it.
The world to you is the way you take it.
One thing that I have learnt for my life –
If you try, you will surely make it.


  1. Splendid........... What ever I comment will remain very less compared to this magnificient composition.... Choice of picture has been the heart of ur poetry...............
    ..............Thats very true "If you try, you will surely make it".

    Just love it...:)

  2. dada what a poem mann ...Inspired me all right ...when did u write this :O

  3. आपने अपने चिट्ठे को जोड़ने के लिये प्रार्थना की है पर इसमें कई चिट्ठियां अंग्रेजी में है। हम केवल हिन्दी के चिट्ठों क जोड़ते हैं। यह हमारे नियमों में नहीं है।


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