Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ubiquitous Life

My life
A natural burden
A natural burden
My life

Posted at: The NaisaiKu Challenge: Week Four
Written as prompted in: 3WW CXXIX (Natural, Burden, Ubiquitous)


  1. Tan, like the NaisaiKu. I'm just a novice at the craft - I've written just a few - but this captures a lot in such a small space.

  2. This is great! I haven't tried one yet...
    You asked on my site if 3WW was devoted entirely to haiku or forms of that nature. No. Short stories, poems, short essays ~ whatever you want to write using the prompt words.

  3. This is cool Tan, it looks so good on the page here!

  4. Tan had to check the meaning first.. UBIQUITOES,wonderful word meaning alot.. everywhere..can now relate better to the haiku.. beautiful haiku, well done for trying so many new things and sharing.

  5. oops sorry a naisaiku, im such a novice.. i just love ur poems, whatever name or form u give them.

  6. @ ThomG

    Thanks for the read. You know what? I'm learning a few tricks of the trade here and want to experiment with words and different styles. I'm novice too (same pinch) but trying to understand and get the feel of things here. Just try these, and I'm sure you will be able to write even better NaisaiKus!

    Thanks for the easy words this time ... I may not be able to write on tough ones ;)

    @ Richard

    Thanks for the visit.

    @ Tumblewords

    Thanks for the explaination mate. Your comments are always informative and encouraging. Please read my other poems when you find time. Happy you like this one :)

    @ Wendy

    It looks good here? Well, thanks :)

    @ Pratibha/Pretty Me!!


    @ J

    Thanks for liking it. Keep visiting...

    @ Anonymous

    Ubiquitous, you are
    In my blogs here
    I wish I could know you, dear
    But I dont care
    As long as you are here!
    (a monorhyme)
    Thanks for commenting. It does not matter what style you follow, as long as you are writing. I hope someday I can visit your blog(s) too and know you more...

  7. Life as a natural burden is a nice start and finish... and what I like about "still ubiquitous" is the tacit expectation that at some point ubiquity will cease. Just like life, I suppose.

  8. Very nice. I love seeing the different types of poetry.

  9. Tan,

    PJD has taken the words right from my brain.

    I really like this naisaiku; you do them well.

    Aside. On your plagiarism banned banner, it is nice to say that they are yours till eternity, but they are not. Only for the applicable copyright period in the applicable jurisdiction.

    It looks nice to say "till eternity" but, in some jurisdictions it could be counter-productive because by asserting an impossible right, in some jurisdictions, you may forfeit the customary copyright protection. You might want to change it. Just a note.


  10. Always good to read naisaiku, haiku and other japanese poetry forms..

    good effort!!

  11. I'm always impressed when so much is said in so few words. Well done!

  12. Loved your thoughts..
    Fabulously put across!

  13. Nice one Tan, speaks volumes in such a short space!

  14. @ Gautami

    Thanks for the visit and liking it .. keep reading me...

    @ PjD

    You said it mate ... at some point it will cease, but even then when it ceases, you just feel its presence!! Its there - always!!

    @ Angel

    Welcome to my blog. I am happy that you have liked the different styles. I am experimenting a few things these days ... so, a few varied things ...

    @ Chris

    Thanks for the information mate ... I will take care of this as and when time comes ... thanks a lot for this...

    And more than ever, thanks for liking my poems ...

    @ Sudharm

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for liking my effort too ... keep visiting :)

    @ Heather

    Happy to see you liked ... small things create big explotions - at times, when used poingnantly .. hehehe ... thanks thanks thanks ;)

    @ Bharath / IP

    Thanks mate ... please keep visiting more often ... Your words encourage me a lot!!

    @ STG

    Finally you found time to visit me ... lol!

    Thanks for the visit and liking the trial ... Thanks for giving me the chance to put it up in NaisaiKu Challenge ...



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