Monday, March 30, 2009

Pain is Addictive

Pastel was the sky, when I woke up
And the clock was timing nine
I rubbed my eyes and sat on the bed
Nothing seems to be fine.

I looked around and felt the angst
Smoke – was all I could see
Aloft the ashes hovering
Descending and resting on me.

Deliberately enough
I tried to move
Cautiously out of my room,
Titillating the fire
I evoked it more
Vigorously, it brought my doom –
Exasperated and dead!
Written on Prompts at:
1. One Single Impression:
Prompt 57: Smoke
2. Acrostic Only: Pain is Addictive
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It’s a saga that would actually never been spelt. Someone thought of it, moments before/he dies. S/he wakes up and finds her/himself in a smoky room. All around her/him was fire – ready to guzzle her/him up. The poem talks about the last feelings of that person.
A Question for the Acrostic Guru, Amias: Does it show the pain? Does the poem say that its addictive?
Well, when I asked myself, I said, “the pain must be addictive, otherwise, the person might not have been able to write/say those lines seeing cruel death up front!” (lol)


  1. This paints such a picture of a house engulfed with fire... I wake up to see smoke all around... Then I wonder why am i not coughing.. I look around and suddenly realise Im looking down upon my room

    I see myself on the bed.. Like a mirror.. But motionless.. I wonder why.. It hits me.. I'm dead. Im free!

  2. I can feel this one through and through. I often wonder why it is addictive. It surely is.

  3. Oh Tan, with fire, this pain was addictive. Ouch. Now am I speaking to the living Tan or his ghost.

    Very well done Tan. And so refreshing!

  4. Nicely done Tan, clever use of rhyming - I think the addictive pain must be the acrostic1 If you know what I mean?

  5. Clever acrostic - a couple of zen moments in this piece...

  6. I love how you portrayed angst became physical in its power over our spirit. Beautiful!

  7. Nice one, specially the ending lines.

  8. Wow !! phantasmagoric!! loved this one :)

  9. too beautifully done !! m in awe of ur writes TAN !! you just rock !!

  10. Interesting poem and your discussion of it is interesting also. I love the way your blog is designed It's like visiting a temple.

  11. @ Rashi/RV

    I'm dead! I'm free!!

    That was a wonderful thought. I'm happy you got this thought after reading my poem!! Awww... (I learnt this in the Lounge - dont know the exact meaning though- hahahahahaha)

    You told about a situation after the death and the poem talks about the situation while dying... good na? hehehe...

    @ Sandy

    Happy to see you felt it. Nice nice ... thanks :)

    @ Amias

    I'm still alive Amias. Still alive... Keep reading me, for I will write more in future...

    @ STG

    I'm not exactly sure what you meant STG. Thanks for your comment. As you always point out, I make it a point to try to rhyme as long as I can and express the feelings...

    @ TumbleWords

    Zen Moments?? hehehe .. thanks thanks :)

    @ Fledging Poet

    Thanks for the visit and for reading me, mate... thanks for your special comment :)

    @ Bharat/IP

    Thanks for liking it, mate... keep reading me ...

    @ Nave

    You seemed to teach me a totally new word!! Thanks for the wonderful comment.

    @ Pratibha/PM

    We always rock together, Pratibha... A writer is too less without readers ... and when you read and comment, it makes it all more effective...

    @ Gautami

    Thanks a lot for reading me... keep visiting :)

    @ Niyaa

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for the read :)

    @ Raven

    Welcome to my blog.

    Temple!!! That was an awesome word to address my blog with. You made my day. Thanks a lot lot lot lot for the read and for your comment.

    However, the designing is actually not fully by me. I took the template, created by some great minds and edited a few things here and there ... thanks for liking it... Hope you like my writes too ... Keep visiting ...

    Cheers mates ... have fun!!


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