Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My earnest reminiscences

Layers of life unfolds
The reactive moments of glory
Realized, loved and forgotten
Realized, loved and forgotten
The reactive moments of glory
Layers of life unfolds
As prompted in: 3WW CXXX (Earnest, Layer, Reactive)
Also linked to: Week Seven of The NaisaiKu Challenge


  1. This is a wonderful poem, a great NaisaiKu. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Tan, love that word earnest! 'Layers of life unfolds' is a good image too!!

  3. better late than never ;) !!

    loved the naisaiku here !! specially the central line :)

  4. Thus Wrote Tan!
    You are really putting your foot down, and your creative energy is boiling over.

    "layers of life unfolds"

    You used an old cliche most refreshingly!

    Now, tell me the secret of how you lock your pages on blogs!

  5. Tan read you, another beautiful naisaiku.. we keep on seeing a different layer everyday.. and want more... keep writing this well, thanks for sharing..

  6. @ ThomG

    Thanks for reading me... You have been encouraging me for a long time now ... please keep visiting and reading me more :)

    @ STG

    Layers of Life do unfold and many dormant things come out... isnt it mate? Thanks for liking it...

    @ Pratibha/PM

    Thanks for the read ... keep coming :)

    @ Amias

    Thanks for this comment. I'm trying to take out whatever I have in me. The idea is to entertain you all here. If that is done, I'm the happiest person living ...

    Will give you the code. Just copy and paste .. thats it.

    @ Anonymous (Anamika, in Sanskrit and lots of other Indian Languages, including Bengali)

    Keep visiting and whatever I write and share are all for you to enjoy!! Thanks ...

  7. ..was thinking of dabbling into it next week, on second thoughts reading ur nsk- might as well do it now_

    'aami jene shoone beesh korechi paan'_

    'consciously,with awakened senses i've partaken of the death potion'_ [approximate translation]

    tagore r .n._

    no he's not talking of suicide here_he could well have used the word_which he clearly avoids doing _it is the 'beesh'-the poison of life that he is talking of _ the hemlock that he willingly & knowingly consumes- out of choice & free will .. the poisons that beset life ..

    [echoes from indian poetry ]

    of course 'reminiscences'/with apologies for a cmnt with a complete brake failure..

  8. I like the way your words echo back upon the reader for emphasis.

    Nicely done.



  9. @ Gautami

    Thanks for reading me. Keep visiting :)

    @ Zoya

    Welcome to my blog.
    "Aami jene shoone beesh korechi paan" was a good thought to clutch with this poem. How on earth did you do that?? And then, I'm so obliged to have been connected to Tagore someway here... Thanks a lot!!

    Khub bhalo laglo. If you have time, you may visit my Bangla Blog too. I invite you at:Hojoborolo
    I hope you will like it too...

    Keep visiting :)

    @ Linda

    Thanks a lot Linda. I'm happy if my words can do so...



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