Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Love Sublime

She left
And then suddenly,
I felt left alone
Alone again
In the same corner of the world.
There I was
Where I was
Sitting for years all together
Gather nothing with passing time.
I know
I lost
A love sublime!

Linked in Sunday Scribblings #153 - "Listen up because this is important!"


  1. My goodness, I forgot how it felt to be young and in-love and not know it until I lost it... time is funny, looking back at it is not so bad as when I first felt the lost. Maybe there is something to getting old --- but until you get here, know that another "love sublime" will come alone many many times.

  2. Perfectly said Amias ... it will come many many times, I believe!!

    Growing old in itself is a learning ... I'm happy to be growing old now ... as I admit it :)

  3. this could have fit last weeks prompt too. nice one!

  4. I want to comment but don't know what to say! So all I will say is I read you :D

  5. This was beautiful...and the photo added to the yearning.

  6. Beautiful Tan, I believe too, it will come many more times..

  7. @ Floreta

    Thanks for the visit ... last week's prompt? What exactly you meant by this? Sorry to act dumb here ...

    @ Rashi/RV

    You read - I'm happy ... but not sure if you liked it too ... well, if you have something to tell here, do so ... that will do only good to me :)

    @ Fledging Poet

    Thanks for visiting and reading me ... I'm happy that you liked it too ... Keep coming here more often ...

    @ Linda & Tumblewords

    Thanks mates for visiting and reading me ... I felt better to see you liked the poem too ... keep reading, and as promised, I will write more :)

    @ Roshni

    Love comes - knocks - goes away ... the ones that stay are truly precious :) Thanks for the read ... keep visiting ...


  8. Thanks Pratibha ... I likes that you likes ...


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