Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lets play love again

The true fact remains
You are the one for me, love
Let the game begin
Let the game begin
You are the one for me, love
The true fact remains


  1. Nice one Tan, if only love were a game - I mean, perhaps it is, but in my experience there's a lot of heartache too!

  2. nice :)

    ps: i am not able to comment on the choka post :(

  3. the game of love.. dangerous territory.. nicely portrayed.. :)

  4. The game of love DANGER!!! We hate it,we love it but we just can't ignore it!

    We may lose and sometimes we play to lose.. Just bcas the game is so sweet! Just to enjoy it while it lasts....

  5. Tan, love is a game.. cant agree with that.. nice work still..

  6. true fact remains.. the game of love is on..
    nice one..

  7. @ STG,

    Love is not a game STG ... we play it though ... and heartaches associate Love mostly!!

    @ Stan

    Thanks for the read :) Indeed its a thought we can work on!

    @ Pratibha

    Thanks for liking it ... the other post is working fine now ... try again ;)

    @ Chirag

    Thanks for the read mate ...

    @ Kajal/TPO

    Just tried to ask to come and join in it ... Happy to see you liked it ...

    @ Rashi

    That was a good take on love ... thanks :)

    @ Anonymous ...

    Only you told what I believe ... LOVE is not a game ... The mere mention of the word 'play' does not mean its a game ... I never think love this way, for all my life is roaming around it - inside out ... and we do not given up so much just for a game ... Thanks for your comment here ... I wish I knew who you are!!

    @ The Geek

    Yes mate ... Love is on ... it will always be ... thanks for visiting and liking my poem ... do visit more often ...

    @ Gautami

    Thanks for the visit ... I'm happy that you liked it :)

    Happy Holi mates ... Hope you have a great time ahead!!! Love is not a game, life is .. think about it ...

  8. If love is a game, who is the winner? Who is the loser?

    I like how your poem made me think!

  9. Linda, I'm happy to see that it could make you think ... That was a nice complement ... keep visiting and reading me more ...



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