Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm in Love

I don’t love you ...
May be I love you like a cool breeze
In a scorching hot noon
Nor to stick to me forever, but
Leave me chilled soon!!
Or like a red rose, amidst
Vigorous schedule
Encouraging me to live and wilt!

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  1. Inside and out I would like to know.
    Maybe, in your best and your worst
    In times of trouble, be your pillar
    Never leave your side.
    Leave you never, I will, I promise
    Oh Dear, what a life we will have
    Very enticing and filled with love.
    Everyone will be jealous of we share.
    To each other, we shall belong, forever
    Over the rainbows and over the sea. Each
    Other is all we will see!

  2. Everyone will be jealous of what we share**

  3. It was magical,

    Life was never so sweet,
    Or so surreal to live,
    Very thought of him,
    Etched new dreams in me,but
    Dream only it WAS!!so broke !

  4. @ Rashi

    What a marvelous Acrostic comment!!! lol ... That was fast!!

    Coming to your poem ... the words chosen were so good ... so apt! The thought was easily painted there and hence, easily understood ... Thanks for the prolific response ... I'm happy to see I could inspire more words with mine ...

    The additional part was TOO good :)

    @ Pratibha

    You have got a perfect reason in your Acrostic comment ... Dream only it was - so, broke!!

    Never got such comments mate ... I'm honoured, as well as overwhelmed .... thanks thanks and thanks again :)

  5. love.. its beautiful Tan but a wee bit sad too.. loved the poem by R.V and Pretty Me.. great poetry by u all.. keep coming, i love reading u all.

  6. Oh how amazingly sweet! You and RV did a wonderful dance here .. and all I can do is smile in knowing.

    Did I say, yes I did .. you have talent abound!

  7. @ Tumblewords

    Thanks for reading and liking it ... do spend some more time here ...

    Thanks Anonymous for liking and commenting here ... Rashi and Pratibha did a great job and presented me with those two poems at the end ... I'm so happy for that :)

    @ Amias

    Ah! those were good words ... hope Rashi read your comment here too ...
    ... Thanks for liking my work so much!!


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