Monday, March 16, 2009

I am a woman

I am a woman
It’s a woman in me that speaks
I am free, I am spirited
But I wish to take risks
I look out for the unknown
A strange thing, I seek
I know not what it is
A wish that seems so bleak!
I wonder here and there
My spirits never care
And in nowhere, I find myself
Wherever I go and stare...
I know what is to be done
And I know what is not to be
I can bind myself nowhere
With the bindings of the society
I look across the horizon
It’s my freedom all that I care
I want to go beyond that
I know its somewhere there!

Nothing in earth can stop me now
In whatever I would do
There is a thing that is lost in me
Unknown, but it’s loved too!

Dedicated to all the Woman Blogmates I have ...


  1. regard...
    your blog is very good template

  2. g8 to see this here.....looking forward for more.

  3. I loved this!thanks for thinking of all of us woman,lol.

  4. @ Ilham

    You liked it? Thanks! I searched a lot and put in a lot of efforts in editing it ... hehe ... thanks, anyways!

    @ Nitu

    Hehehe... you had to like it ... afterall!!

    @ Becky

    You bet! I was thinking of aaaaaaaaaalllllll you women while writing this ... I'm happy to see that the women liked this ... hehehe ;)

    Keep visiting and reading me more ...


  5. a wonderful dedication for women. beautiful Tan

  6. March is the month of Women's History, and this piece is very appropriate. Thank you for such a lovely tribute!

  7. You are welcome Amias and anonymous! Thank you mates for reading and liking this...


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