Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haiku: First steps

A winter morning
With lots of dew drops on grass
Is all I see now

Living loveless life
Like a bunch of frost topped grapes
Brisk, but motionless

Dark cloud brings the rain
I walk to you, breaking rules
But it rains again

The first drop of dew
On a winter morning here
Smells like perfect love

He took his brushes
And painted the blank canvas
To Monalisa

My first attempts at Haiku. Posted in The Writers Lounge on March 4, 2009


  1. they are all good, the best for me was (I walk to you breaking rules), short and sweet haikus..

  2. Thanks for liking it ... as always!! You seem to be biased!! hehehe ... read on!

  3. Not much of a poem person, HOWEVER,
    I love haiku poems.
    Something about Haiku is real comforting.

    My vote would be the Mona Lisa. Awesome!
    Can't believe they were your first attempts >.<

  4. Thanks Usha for your comments... these are really my first ones... learnt it through a blog friend and wrote these... Happy to know you liked them... keep visiting :)


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