Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Feelings of sorrow
All around me
Retrospection of olden days
Everlasting, those will be
Will never let your memories
Escape from me.
Leave, if you may
Leave, if you can’t stay,
Stay, if you still love me!

Written as prompted in One Single Impression


  1. God knows I don't ever want to leave,
    Of all the things I possibly could,
    Of all the things I possibly should
    Do I really want to leave and go?
    Bear with me for a while, if
    You can. Goodbyes aren't meant for
    Ever. Just I promise to be back.

  2. Sorry that was bad :( I mean seriously!

  3. Oh how I so enjoy it when you and R.V. dance.

    I loved them both .. farewells and goodbyes, are not the same, are they? Especially when goodbye means I am coming back!

  4. Beautiful Tan, just so good, i loved it..never say goodbye..

  5. @ Sandy @ Gautami

    Thanks a lot for visiting and liking the poem. Keep visiting ...

    @ Rashi

    That was a LOVELY acrostic! And so aptly related to the Farewells ... and that was no bad at all!! You write all great ... I just felt it more than ever ... very nice one ... Inspired? I hope so ... and I feel more happier!!

    @ Amias

    RV dances with me! hahaha ... that was a great complement again, Amias. Hope she reads it ... hehehe... thanks a lot for coming back and reading it... A Goodbye can mean a lot ... it was the author's way of puting it, and to say that s/he will come back! Good na?

    @ Anonymous

    Goodbye? Nay... never!!

  6. Nice one..some can only love once they've left

  7. Well said Sij,
    but then, some cannot love - ever!!

    Think of it!!

    Thanks for the visit. Please keep visiting and reading me more :)

  8. oh nice farewell tan! :)

    can't feel sorrow without farewell sometimes!

  9. Thanks Leo/Vinay

    Welcome to my blog ... keep visiting and reading me more ... I'm happy to see you here :)

    Tumblewords, I tried, but to make it sweet!! You found sweetness in it? I should try harder, I feel...
    Thanks a lot for the read and for liking it ... I'm happy to see you here ... Keep visiting...



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