Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Could have done more for you
Only if I could be strong
Unmoved by the changes around me
Raising to the cause, of loving you
And giving away all I had.
Gallant, I am not, that you adore
Ever wanting for some courage more!

Written as prompted in Acrostic Only
Inspired from Rashi's poems at: Rocky Roads


  1. Ahh Tan ... here's hoping you get all the courage you need. I like this!

  2. Courage something thats hard sometimes right,Loved this one tan.

  3. courage .. loved this one.. loved ones and friends give us courage to carry on living.. fighting the obstacles on the way.. thanks

  4. @ Amias

    Thanks for the wishes ... Need lots of courage... thanks for prompting!

    @ Becky

    Right Becky ... its not natural to everyone too ... needs a bit of efforts!

    @ Anonymous

    Obstacles will not stay - friends will! Show some courage to overcome the obstacles ... hope the thought helps you ... please visit the Acrostic Only blog (link in the post) for more poems on courage ... you will like all!

  5. You felt it? Thanks Pratibha :)


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