Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Cover my face, I don’t want to see
O my friend, what’s happening all around me?
Neither can I sleep at night in peace. Nor
Visualize the agony in the eyes of the broke
Every now and then when I looked around
Rivers of blood are what I found
Sailing on them with flags of terror
Are those brutal who’re killing the hour,
Taking lives of millions of innocents
Igniting upheaval between sister strands -
Organized criminals are enjoying bliss!
Now is the time, to put an end to this.

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Dedicated to the Sri Lankan Cricket team; after what has happened today in Lahore!


  1. i liked the poem.. but i could not see any conversation here :(

  2. Tan this is a very good poem, but Pretty Me is right, there was no conversation ... except in the abstract, as all poems are a conversation in and of itself.

    Acrostic wise the conversation was not there.
    But poetic wise, this rocks!

  3. I understood that the title of the poem should be the main theme in Acrostic Poetry ... I got to know about it, just after I finished writing this and asked you about it ... Did not want to wipe off this poem ... so, posted it all the same ...

    Just excuse me for this one time ... I will do better next time - and that is a promise to you Amias and Pratibha ...

    Thanks a lot for pointing it out here ... that was important!

  4. Tan you have talent abound ... and I so enjoy dropping in on your other blog ... and reading a bit.

  5. Tan,
    I read and enjoyed this Conversation with humanitarian eyes and ears.

    It is so sad and also so true.

  6. Maggie,
    Thanks for the read ... I wanted to make it audible by a few more people ... I cried - because I love the game and almost worship the ones who play it ... then, again this terror thing is all over me ... I just did not have enough words to express it this way ... I'm happy to see you read this and found it nice :)


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