Tuesday, March 24, 2009


तुम में खोजाना चाहती हूँ..
लुटजाना चाहती हूँ..
खुद को भूलजाना चाहती हूँ..
अगर हक दो तो..

तुम से जुड़जाना चाहती हूँ..
मिलजाना चाहती हूँ..
खुद को भुला देना चाहती हूँ..
अगर हक दो तो..

तुम से नाम हमारी है..
शान हमारी है..
तुम से पहचान हमारी है..
अगर समझो तो..

तुम में जान हमारी है..
मान हमारी है..
तुम से ज़मीं और आसमान हमारी है..
अगर समझो तो..

तुम से है चाहत
तुम में है राहत
हमारी हर आहट
में तुम हो..

तुम हो अब आदत
तुम मोहब्बत
हमारी हर करवट
में तुम हो..

The Girl In Me Speak Again!!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ok, i thought that it was only four-line-poem and so commented this considering that-
    that was sweet. although the last line of the stanza was a portrayal in a way as if she is yearning for her right that she knows is hers but still needs his approval.
    but as i posted it, there it was the whole complete poem and it was more than just a four-line one. here is what my thoughts are considering the whole poem-
    wow. in the sense that it is quite deep and intense expression of love. i particularly liked the 4th line of the 1st stanza. it sort of shows that the person confessing their love is not taking it for granted which i think is a better way to deal with it.

    keep writing.

  3. well, thanks for visiting my 'mess'. hehe.. and thanks for welcoming. :) and you know i figured it out why i thought it was just a four-line poem. i shall enlighten you too so that you don't feel that i am spamming your comments section with these repetitive comments- you know when i visited your blog, it brought me to your main blog page and so i saw the latest post that is this one, and i read it and thought, wow, that was something and i hit the comment tab, so i totally didn't see there was a 'continue reading' tab that should have been clicked by me before commenting. so,now, i learned something new. ya. and there will not me more than 1 comment/post from my part on your blog, i promise.

    that's all. thanks for being patient.

  4. Intersting..
    Mushy n senti..:)

  5. wow its beauty and the brief and shortness of it gives a magnificence to it....just love it :-)

  6. @ Mysterious Girl

    DID YOU READ THE WHOLE POEM? I have a feeling from your comment that you read only the first four lines... if thats true, please come back and click on CONTINUE READING to read it in full...

  7. Thanks Charzz...
    Keep visiting and reading me ... Cheers!!

  8. It just feels like a girl waiting for him to take one step and then take a zillion steps to reach to him... I like the girl in you :)

  9. Thanks Rashi for the read and the quick comment ... keep visiting ... :)

  10. Hello ~ (wish I knew the name)

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I dont mind you commenting multiple times or not commenting at all, as long as you read me... the want is for a reader, here!!

    I read all your comments, the one you deleted, even that comes to my mailbox, isnt it? No need to delete any... keep them!

    I'm happy to see that you liked my poem - after reading the complete one. Nothing is for granted anywhere - in life! People who take things for granted, often lose - everything they have had!

    I remembered an SMS that came years ago. I will put it up here for you:

    Do not take people for granted. You never know when they start taking you likeways!

    Thanks for the visit again. Please keep reading me ... your comments will encourage everytime!!

  11. ya i guess thats the mistake i did the first time...so imagine if the four lines did that magic to me ...what wd the whole poem do....it just bowled me over...perfect ...i need not say more :-)

  12. Tan you bring out the emotions again of the woman waiting for her love to accept her. i loved it. Waiting to hear the reply maybe in ur future writes of the man.. does he accept her unconditional love..

  13. @ Mysterious Gal

    Hehehehe ... I just loved your comment here .. hehehe ... thanks for the visit ... keep reading me more ...

    @ Roshni

    I did not think of a reply from a man on this ... there was not much of a question in this... but anyways, thanks for the idea ... let’s see how much I can do about it...



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