Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My love for you

My love for you
I want you to see
Its more than true
My love for you
It feels so new
When I speak to thee
My love for you
I want you to see

Written as prompted in: Heads Or Tails! (Week #84 - See)

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My earnest reminiscences

Layers of life unfolds
The reactive moments of glory
Realized, loved and forgotten
Realized, loved and forgotten
The reactive moments of glory
Layers of life unfolds
As prompted in: 3WW CXXX (Earnest, Layer, Reactive)
Also linked to: Week Seven of The NaisaiKu Challenge

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Pain is Addictive

Pastel was the sky, when I woke up
And the clock was timing nine
I rubbed my eyes and sat on the bed
Nothing seems to be fine.

I looked around and felt the angst
Smoke – was all I could see
Aloft the ashes hovering
Descending and resting on me.

Deliberately enough
I tried to move
Cautiously out of my room,
Titillating the fire
I evoked it more
Vigorously, it brought my doom –
Exasperated and dead!
Written on Prompts at:
1. One Single Impression:
Prompt 57: Smoke
2. Acrostic Only: Pain is Addictive
Also Linked to: Monday Poetry Train Revisited #21

It’s a saga that would actually never been spelt. Someone thought of it, moments before/he dies. S/he wakes up and finds her/himself in a smoky room. All around her/him was fire – ready to guzzle her/him up. The poem talks about the last feelings of that person.
A Question for the Acrostic Guru, Amias: Does it show the pain? Does the poem say that its addictive?
Well, when I asked myself, I said, “the pain must be addictive, otherwise, the person might not have been able to write/say those lines seeing cruel death up front!” (lol)

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Here am I

Here am I
Back to you
Ready to fly
Here am I
Will give it a try
To get to you
Here am I
Back to you!
Learnt of Triolet form of poetry from The Miss Rumphius Effect.
Thanks to Rashi for pointing me to this.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Common (Let the storm Pass)

Chill and let the storm pass
Or shed tears as it pierces your heart,
Move beyond the common acuity
Move on with your life, o deprived
Or cry and equal the common man.

Now chill, and let the storm pass!
Written on Prompts at:
1. Heads Or Tails! :
Week #83 : Common
2. One Single Impression : Prompt 56 : Equals

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


तुम में खोजाना चाहती हूँ..
लुटजाना चाहती हूँ..
खुद को भूलजाना चाहती हूँ..
अगर हक दो तो..

तुम से जुड़जाना चाहती हूँ..
मिलजाना चाहती हूँ..
खुद को भुला देना चाहती हूँ..
अगर हक दो तो..

तुम से नाम हमारी है..
शान हमारी है..
तुम से पहचान हमारी है..
अगर समझो तो..

तुम में जान हमारी है..
मान हमारी है..
तुम से ज़मीं और आसमान हमारी है..
अगर समझो तो..

तुम से है चाहत
तुम में है राहत
हमारी हर आहट
में तुम हो..

तुम हो अब आदत
तुम मोहब्बत
हमारी हर करवट
में तुम हो..

The Girl In Me Speak Again!!

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Nothing can make me forget
Of that time, when we met
Sitting as one, with oceans apart
Talking straight to each other’s heart
Anticipating the looks of this new friend
Longing for her over the weekend
Grudgingly so, I remember again
I gave her so much of bliss and pain
As she returns, more I feign!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kissed and Left

The door was left open, as she rushed in and hugged him. Nobody cared about the door. There was no time, you see. She threw her belongings on the ground near the door and ran and jumped on him and they hugged. They separated to have a look at each other. He still had the paint brush in his hand and the apron was dyed in all colors. He kept the brush and the tray on the stool and looked back at her. She was quivering in anticipation. He took her by her fingers as she closed in. Their eyes met; the palms held each other as he pulled her towards him. Moments later, their lips locked and they were immersed in to the ecstasy. Their saliva mixed as the lips rested on each other, sucking harder and deeper. She stood tall on her pencil heels to get closer. She took his head in her palms and pulled him towards her. He bent to give her the reach. Eyes closed. He held her by her waist and the palms started to move up her backless top feeling her skin to her hair. His fingers went into her short hair and touched the skull. The hair came out of the fingers like waterfalls. A few drops of paint from his fingers tinted a few strands. He moved a bit further and felt her ears and neck. His fingers stopped by the touch of the wrinkled skin. Suddenly he could feel that she was old. He never felt this all these years – not even for once. Her breasts were pressed against his masculine, young and strong stomach. Her stomach was stuck to him too. He could smell her sweat, the pungent smell of her hair and even her bathing cologne. He pulled her even closer. Soon, they were gasping for air, but they did not leave each other.

The environment was so. The mood was so. The ambiguity was so. So much so, that they felt absolutely nothing while being in each other. Only God knows how long they were in that position. Her hands were searching all over his body, for something lost ages ago. He was searching for the same in her mouth; but neither of them could give results to their hunt. They were going crazier with each passing moment. They were getting more candid with each fleeting second. They separated momentarily and they pulled each other to the closest possible extent once more. He entered her hair with his nose – trying to smell her for as long as possible – trying to retain the smell for as long as possible. He has always loved her hair; more when they were long, touching her waist. He kept on snuffling her as he came down to her neck on to her cleavage to her stomach and still father down. She stopped him by his hair and pulled him up. They kissed again. They hugged again. They got lost in the bliss – again!

Suddenly, the car waiting outside shouted – beep, beep! There was sudden break and they parted. They looked in each other’s eyes. The eyes were dripping in need and got wet as well. There was a sudden realization in both the pair of eyes, but they just did not want to let it go. He tried to push her away, but she was adamant. She just pressed unto him more. He held her by her arms and shook her. A few locks came upon her eyes, nose and lips. She looked at him from within those. He moved away the hair locks with his finger and looked away, still holding her with one hand. He could not look at her anymore. She looked up at him and burst into tears. She held them back for a long time – real long time. He left her. She came close and slapped him. He kept looking down; did not utter a single word. She turned and walked away. She picked her belongings as she approached the door and looked back at him. A flyer fell off. He looked at it. It was her passport. She quickly picked it up and ran outside.

It was almost evening and the dusky rays of the Sun outside filled the sky with the perfect shades of sorrow. He came reluctantly to the doorway as she approached the car. She neared it, as her daughter buzzed from the driver’s seat again. She hurried into the car. She looked at him one last time from within the dark window panes, but he could not see her. A few drops came out of her eyes. A few more came out of the driver’s eyes too. She looked at the man in the colorful apron, standing lifelessly leaning on the doorway. She waved at him; he did not feel like waving back – he did not. She grinned and wiped the tears in her eyes and pressed on the gas. The car zoomed away!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Drive On

People have their own take
On things that they partake
I too have a point to make
Note, just for heaven’s sake
There is no time, so don’t press the brake

Pull up your socks and be awake
Our own world is now at stake
In whatever we do or fake
No time to cover any more mistake’
Time to carry on, so don’t press the brake!

Written as prompted in: Heads Or Tails! Week # 82
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I’m sitting alone

Middle of night, when all are gone
I’m here sitting all alone
Near the bay on this ice cold stone
I sit here on my own throne.

Sudden enough! A ring of the phone
Felt like a piercing shrill moan
Picked it up, but the ring was gone
Somebody else far apart was alone.

I saw the name, caller well known
Even in dark, her name shone
Someone old, whom I disown,
An old song was recalled intone.

Sitting here, I could hear her tone
I could even smell her cologne
I felt so sad, as the wind blown
Away my thoughts to the unknown.

Wonder I, would she have known?
I was tangled in this life of my own
And that’s why in this freezing zone
I’m sitting here, all alone!

Learnt about Monorhyme at The Writers Lounge.
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Ubiquitous Life

My life
A natural burden
A natural burden
My life

Posted at: The NaisaiKu Challenge: Week Four
Written as prompted in: 3WW CXXIX (Natural, Burden, Ubiquitous)

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Death

It was cold
Too much
She could not do much either,
She parted from her man’s body
And moved away.
It was still – moving not
The ice cone she used to stab him
Was melting slowly in his chest.
Blood was all over the floor
Blood was all over her
She looked around and shivered
Her vision now, was so blur
She removed her gloves and
Threw them in the fireplace.
Banged the door, as she left.
The man?
He died his death
For he trusted, and was betrayed in love!

Written as prompted in Weekend Wordsmith

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Could have done more for you
Only if I could be strong
Unmoved by the changes around me
Raising to the cause, of loving you
And giving away all I had.
Gallant, I am not, that you adore
Ever wanting for some courage more!

Written as prompted in Acrostic Only
Inspired from Rashi's poems at: Rocky Roads

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Fugitive Parent

“Where is Dad?” Little Shelly enquired as she got up from bed and strolled into the kitchen, searching for her parents, still rubbing her eyes with her tiny little pearly hands.

“He’s gone,” her mom replied.




“Two hours ago.”

She opened her eyes full and looked at her mother. She was almost shivering, as she was washing the dishes. Her hands trembled as she took a dish in her hand. Was she crying? Shelly never could understand. She wanted to comfort her, but then mom never wanted anyone near her when she was upset. She did not dare to go nearer.

Shelly went to the bathroom and climbed the stool there to take her tooth brush and paste. The sight of the pink brush with Winnie the Pooh inscribed on it always makes her happy. She murmured within, “Good morning, Pooh!” Someone replied from somewhere, “Good morning, Tiger!” She was going into her dreamland again, as she inserted the brush in her mouth and started brushing. She was not a kid now, and she knew how to brush. The Doc showed her the other day, so she can do it all by herself. She finished her brushing and came out of the bathroom, washing her face with her red towel. It was so soft!

She peeped in the kitchen. Mom was talking over the phone. She was restless, it was vivid. The long cyan chord of the phone was swirled all over her body. She was in a deep conversation. She had her little finger playing with the chord, more in anxiety rather than in sorrow. She moved from one place to another in quick succession and was looking at the wall clock frequently. Shelly went in and sat on the dining chair. The sudden noise startled mom. She looked at Shelly and the phone trembled off her hands. She untwined herself from the bondage of the chord and put down the phone, rather hastily.


“Yeah…” Shelly replied, reluctantly.

Mom poured some porridge from the pan to a small bowl and offered her the same. She took her little spoon and started nibbling at the content. She looked at mom.

“What happened, mom?”

“When? I mean, nothing” She uttered and turned her back towards Shelly, as if she was busy again. Shelly could know mom was in distress, but her little heart failed to understand anything. She ate the porridge and finished the glass of milk. Mom did not cuddle her today – nor did she say good morning! That was so unusual and so not welcomed. She crawled down the chair and walked towards her room. She looked back. Mom was looking back at her too, over her shoulders. She wanted to run towards mom and hug her tight; but, she did not. She turned back and walked. She could hear mom dialing again. She felt sad, but she never knew if she should feel that way!

Little Shelly was playing in her room all the time since then. Mom never came in – nor even once. She was so much engrossed in her games that she did not realize the time. Maybe that feeling of freedom and alcove indiscipline got the better of her. She was playing and messing up with all the things there and she was not once stopped. Shelly was happy, when she heard the calling bell ring: London Bridge is Falling Down. She got up and hurried towards the main door. Mom was already attending to it. A tall and dark man came in, as mom moved away from the door. Shelly could clearly see the man rushing in and trying to grab her mom, when mom stepped back and both of them looked at her. They were not talking to each other. The man looked at mom and gestured with his fist, “what?”

“I will take care of it.” Mom said, as she turned to her. She ran back to her room and sat amongst her toys.

“Ahem. You wanted some cake, didn’t you, darling?”

“Yes.” Shelly uttered without looking at mom.

“I’ll prepare some for you now. Hmm. What flavor do you want?”

Shelly looked at her. Mom was almost drenched in sweat. She tried to wipe off with her bare hands, but she could not. She was wet. She looked away from her and saw the mess; but she did not say anything.

“Which flavor, sweetheart?”





Shelly did not say anything. She looked down again and started to clean up the mess by herself – only managing to clutter some more.

“Ok, then. I will prepare some apple pan cakes for my dearest daughter today. I’ll make it in some time. You better be ready, Shelly. Till then, you can play some more. Ok?”

Mom did not get any answer. She did not even wait for it. She rushed out. Shelly looked up at her mom; she vanished in fraction of a second. She started to clean up again. She could hear a small argument among the weird man and her mom; but could not hear anything. She was surprised, as well as sad, for she did not like the very presence of the man there, in her house.

“Baby, there is a problem.” Mom said, as she came to her room. Shelly looked up. Speechless!

“There is no flour at home. Hmm… Do you mind bringing some eggs from Rosie, down the lane?”

“You mean, flour?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Can you bring some flour from Rosie? Will you be able to cross the road and get to her?”

This was weird again. Mom never let her cross the road alone. Last time, when the school bus changed routes and she had to just cross the road to get in, mom accompanied her. She never let her go out alone. And then…

“Why Rosie? May I borrow it from Uncle Joe’s? He’s just in the next house.”

“NO. Not Joe” mom screamed, almost. “Please get it from Rosie. She won’t mind lending us some” mom added.

Shelly rose from the mess. She walked out of her room. She leered at the weird man as she went past the kitchen. He was taking the biggest bite possible on an apple. He looked back at her and she turned away and hurried towards the door.


Shelly stopped hearing her mom’s voice. Mom came after her running and kneeled down in front of her, holding her with both the arms. Mom pulled her towards her and whispered, “Remember darling, mom loves you. And mom will always love you. Please remember this always.” Mom spilled tears as she was telling these.

“But mom…” Shelly stopped as mom left the grip. She looked at mom. She was howling now. She wanted to caress mom and she approached her.

“GO!” mom shouted at looked at her.

This was getting bizarre and she could not make heads and tails of it. Anyways, she turned back and came outside. There was a black car standing outside her drive. The man came in that car, tarnished at a few places. Must be a poor fellow; she thought. She ran down the lane and crossed the garden; she crossed the road and ran towards Rosie’s house as fast as she could, crossing her garden and drive. She knocked at the door with both hands, but no one attended to her call. She screamed; but there was no one. She looked up in despair and found a big lock hanging on the hitch. Rosie was not home. She felt like crying, but she could not. She had to go back to her mom, at the earliest! She ran back. She had just crossed Rosie’s drive when she heard a big roar of a car. She ran faster and came to the roadside. She looked frantically towards her own drive. The black car just started the engine and smoke was coming out of its rear end. She could see her mom getting inside, in the ash coat. The weird man was sitting at the driver’s. Mom went in and sat, and the car zoomed away! She felt lost. She wanted to scream, but she could not. She looked empty towards the car that disappeared at the turn right after Joe’s house. She fell and sat on the pavement there. She wanted someone to hold her. She wanted her mom!

She sat there for some time. Little Shelly – all by herself now. She stood up and wiped her cheeks. She walked slowly down the road, crossed the garden and moved in her drive. The strong smell of the smoke still filled the air there. She felt it. She strolled into her house. The door was wide open. She came in, closed the door behind her and moved towards the dining table. There was a piece of paper on that, beneath the half eaten apple. She took the paper and started to read, with tears oozing out from her eyes.

It started like this:

“My dearest, sweetheart Shelly, I am sorry…”

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Feelings of sorrow
All around me
Retrospection of olden days
Everlasting, those will be
Will never let your memories
Escape from me.
Leave, if you may
Leave, if you can’t stay,
Stay, if you still love me!

Written as prompted in One Single Impression
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Monday, March 16, 2009

I am a woman

I am a woman
It’s a woman in me that speaks
I am free, I am spirited
But I wish to take risks
I look out for the unknown
A strange thing, I seek
I know not what it is
A wish that seems so bleak!
I wonder here and there
My spirits never care
And in nowhere, I find myself
Wherever I go and stare...
I know what is to be done
And I know what is not to be
I can bind myself nowhere
With the bindings of the society
I look across the horizon
It’s my freedom all that I care
I want to go beyond that
I know its somewhere there!

Nothing in earth can stop me now
In whatever I would do
There is a thing that is lost in me
Unknown, but it’s loved too!

Dedicated to all the Woman Blogmates I have ...
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Limerick: A Bald Old Man!

A bald old man from Delhi
Had the most voluminous belly
In Chandni Chawk
He flutters like a hawk
All know him as Mr. Smelly

Posted it in The Writers Lounge on March 07, 2009
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haiku: First steps

A winter morning
With lots of dew drops on grass
Is all I see now

Living loveless life
Like a bunch of frost topped grapes
Brisk, but motionless

Dark cloud brings the rain
I walk to you, breaking rules
But it rains again

The first drop of dew
On a winter morning here
Smells like perfect love

He took his brushes
And painted the blank canvas
To Monalisa

My first attempts at Haiku. Posted in The Writers Lounge on March 4, 2009

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Friday, March 13, 2009

@ Anonymous

Who art thou?
Wish I knew
Have you ever
Asked for me too?

Where art thou?
Wish I knew
Have you ever
Searched for me too?

How art thou?
Wish I knew
Have you ever
Thought of me too?

Wish I knew
Who the heck are you!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I will move on

My years of passion
That I spent writing for you
Have cajoled spirit
To go on devoid of you.

Of years reclusive,
Nothing again I would talk
Even if you ask
With you love, I may not balk.

Loving the same you
Being with the same old clique
But it hurts a lot
When you want to but can’t speak.

I dealt with all that
But I lost to your temper
You asked me to love
But then, I failed to concur
May be I am still a cur.
Written for 3WW CXXVIII (Cajole, Recluse, Temper)
Tried to follow Choka here; however, the length of the poem may be a concern here.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Hunting

She called out, rather shouted at him. She yelled, she growled, she roared to stop him. She wanted to, but could not get up, for she was too weak to do so. He stopped for a moment and looked back. He could see her crying. She was in agony. The pain was increasing with each moment. The pain was getting unbearable. He looked at her one last time, turned back and jumped over the small rock and disappeared into the bushes.

He did not stop. He could not. For all the females in the pride were waiting for him. There was a new flock of zebras coming their way. This was their first chance to get a good hunt after last few weeks of draught. It cannot be ignored. He knew this. Even she knew this, but she wanted him to be by her, may be for the last time. Emotions do not matter at such situations – at least not for the King of the Jungle!

The lionesses moved slowly in the tall yellow dead grasses of the Kalahari, trying to single out an animal of their choice; probably the weakest one and the farthest one from the herd. They camouflaged themselves in the grassy fields and moved silently as if nothing is actually moving. The lion, the head of the pack went ahead swiftly and created his ambush behind the tall crag, away from the cirque. He sprawled in front lying low in the grass. He was the last thing a running animal will see when it nears him. The ambush was well planned and almost impeccable. Two of the females were ahead towards the right of the neck of the herd of zebras and one was in the last, following them. Two more were to the left following the herd as they single out the zebra which was almost at its full age and was limping a bit. Once in eight steps! That was enough for the lionesses to choose it for their meal. Probably a fracture in one of the hind limbs that might have occurred while crossing the vast grasslands; a small twist of the hoof was going to be the reason for his demise now. However, who has the time to think about these now? The lions were hungry. They were on a hunt – hunt for their food. A zebra is a mere meal to them.

The last of the lionesses started the chase. It just ran through the flock in random and bifurcated the whole flock into two. The zebras were all targets at this moment, and having nowhere to hide, they just ran wherever they could. The target zebra was in the left part of the scattered lot. A few moments later the lionesses in the right marched in; a soft march scattering the rest of the flock and covering the object towards the cliff, where the chief was waiting. They did not run into the zebras, they just walked in, saving their energy for the ultimate chase. The zebras were running for life, as the other two lionesses in the left were just following the target keeping their bloody eyes fixed at it. Moments later, they started chasing the zebras in front of them in full pace. The zebras did not know who exactly the target was; probably the target knew it, but could think only to run – run as fast and as far as possible! The lioness that started the chase slowed down and stopped chasing at one point in time. She started walking towards the meeting place – the cliff. As the last few zebras were nearing the cliff, it was time for the two lionesses at the right to maintain the chase. They came out of the grasses and started chasing the one target now. There were four lionesses running behind it now, and it had only one place to heed to – the cliff. That was exactly what the lions wanted and it concurred. It was running directly towards the target area. The four lionesses formed a ‘V’ pattern and chased the poor creature. The formation changed as two of the lionesses at the left slowed down as the zebra paced towards the cliff. It was almost near the perfect point, when the slouching lion jumped with a thunderous roar with paws ready to break the neck of his hunt. The zebra looked up one last time. It could see only two paws and some yellow skin. It breathed last moments after this.

The chase was successful. The hunt was successful. Now, the pack had a good serving for a week at least for all of them, even for the ailing lioness. The ailing lioness! He almost forgot about her amidst the heat of the hunt. She must be waiting for them – for him. He wasted no time. He jumped on the zebra. Jabbed his nails on the chest of the dying animal and cut it into half. He grabbed one part and tore away one of the limbs and took it in his mouth and stepped ahead. He looked back at the pack and everyone got his signal. They tore apart the carcass into pieces and took them in their mouths. The lion started running back to the den as everybody else followed. They ran, as fast as they could for they were failing to match his pace, leading in front. They were tired, they were hungry but they ran.

They reached the den in no time. He could see her lying there; with her eyes searching for him. As he came near, she tried to look up. She could not. He dropped the piece of meat in front of her and sat there. She could see him now. He was breathing heavily – she was breathing heavier! He could see her dying. He tried to smile, but could not. He could not have cried too – and he did not. He put one of his paws in between her paw and head. She rested her head on that. She smiled and closed her eyes. He rested his head on hers. The heavy breathing continued for a long time as he fell asleep in the same posture. The breathing stopped somewhere in between, he could not feel it. When he woke up, the other lionesses were sitting encircling them. He looked at their faces and it told him all. He looked around. The carcass laid there, same place. A few flies were hovering over the meat and a few more over the dead lioness.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lets play love again

The true fact remains
You are the one for me, love
Let the game begin
Let the game begin
You are the one for me, love
The true fact remains

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Kiss Me and Leave!

Kill me if I'm wrong
I too don't want to carry on,
Stance that you may take
Should stay intact and not spawn.
My love awaits you
Even my heart would cry too
And I would just stop
Not, to take you out of blue.
Despondent I am
Leave me, I don’t give a damn!
Eager to leave you
And dream of another sham.
Vallate my love with your kiss
Evade me forever, Miss!

Learnt of Choka, here in the Writers Lounge. Tried to couple it with Acrostic Poetry. Not perfectly a Choka, as the total number of lines here are even. Followed the syllable Count: 5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-5-7-7-7

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Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm in Love

I don’t love you ...
May be I love you like a cool breeze
In a scorching hot noon
Nor to stick to me forever, but
Leave me chilled soon!!
Or like a red rose, amidst
Vigorous schedule
Encouraging me to live and wilt!

Also linked to: Monday Poetry Train Revisited
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Limerick: Horse's tale

There once was a man from Nantucket,
He had a wife too but, just chuck it!
It was his horse that matters
A favorite of the latter's,
Ate her newly bought denim jacket.

Limerick, a new form of poetry writing. Learnt it here, in The Writer's Lounge.
The following link has a good set of Limericks and I'm sure you will love to check it out: Yesterday's Island
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A Love Sublime

She left
And then suddenly,
I felt left alone
Alone again
In the same corner of the world.
There I was
Where I was
Sitting for years all together
Gather nothing with passing time.
I know
I lost
A love sublime!

Linked in Sunday Scribblings #153 - "Listen up because this is important!"

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Haiku: Dark Night

Dark night yet again
The stars twinkling, yet again
Lone Tan, yet again!

I learnt about Haiku here, in The Writers Lounge. A new facet of poetry writing. Loved it too much. I will invite you all to try it. Its nice. Looks simple, but it is not. The above is not my first Haiku. You can find the First set of Haiku I wrote here, posted in the Lounge. I know that Haikus do not rhyme, but the one I posted above did – somehow. Adjust!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

कहाँ हो तुम?

तेरी आँखों में मैं
खो गया हूँ
कुछ इस तरह से
जैसे बादल में खो जाता है चन्द्रमा ।

तेरी होंटों को
छूने की चाहत है
कुछ ऐसा
जैसे वोही मेरे दिलकी है रहनुमा ।

तेरी गेसुओं की तले
रात भर सोना चाहता हूँ
तेरी बाँहों में आके
आँख भर रोना चाहता हूँ,
तुझे ढूंढे मेरी हर साँस
तुझे पुकारे आता जाता हर लम्हा ॥

Sahityika suggested the second stanza to be like this (3/5/09):

तेरे होंटों को
छूने की चाहत है
कुछ ऐसी
जैसे तू ही मेरे दिल की है रहनुमा ।

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Cover my face, I don’t want to see
O my friend, what’s happening all around me?
Neither can I sleep at night in peace. Nor
Visualize the agony in the eyes of the broke
Every now and then when I looked around
Rivers of blood are what I found
Sailing on them with flags of terror
Are those brutal who’re killing the hour,
Taking lives of millions of innocents
Igniting upheaval between sister strands -
Organized criminals are enjoying bliss!
Now is the time, to put an end to this.

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Dedicated to the Sri Lankan Cricket team; after what has happened today in Lahore!
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How much you love me

Even if you want to go
Even if you would never show
In the deepest of my heart, I will know
In the deepest of my heart, I will know
Even if you would never show
Even if you want to go

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