Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now, I Move Up

I came back to consciousness when I felt the soft brushes of the escalator touching me over my jeans. I was standing on the stairs and they were ascending. The earth always moves; but I never sensed it before. How dumb I was! I kept on howling and repenting on my times of yore, when I was stagnant and everything else kept moving – in its own pace. Nothing stopped for me; none stopped for me. I wailed, when I found myself abandoned in life. I saw my people moving ahead and felt left out. I cried. I saw my life stuck in debris of faults, mistakes and losses. I stopped dreaming and I stopped craving for realizing them too. I had no aim in life. I lost all hopes.

This is when I met him – the man of my thoughts. He changed my life completely. He took me by my hands and led me into the world that constantly rotates and revolves. I no more expect people to stop for me and say a few words of praise. Now, I do whatever it takes to materialize my dreams and acquire everyone’s eulogy. How I wish to have met him earlier! He lifted me from the ashes as this escalator is lifting me to the next level. Today is the day I have been waiting for. Today is the day of triumph. I just need to reach the apex and step into a life where the escalators move up – only upwards!


  1. beautiful short one :)

  2. I'm making the rounds, re-reading each entry. It's not easy narrowing the entries down to five, but it'll be interesting seeing what Jason and the guest writers think. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Kajal and Aviral ... 250 was the word limit ... keep visiting ...

    Thanks for the visit JR ... I saw the video in your blog - thanks for telling your story as well!

  4. wow..u write beautifully...
    well i updated both my blogs n posted some old poems have a look :-)


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