Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love? It's You

Love is true
When love is you
It sprouts your strength
When you are in blue ...

Love is me
I can see in thee
For all the gains in love,
Pain is the fee ...

Do not despair,
For we are true
Come and hold my hands,
For, I love you ...

Another Inspired post ... after reading this Poem.


  1. it's lovely...short but expressive...

  2. you hv expressed it effortlessly.. beautiful indeed..

  3. Thanks Mou, HW, Nitu ...

    When you read something TPO, and that is so much inspirational that you start writing something on your own on that, there is no effort ... hehe ... the First Original Poem is too good ... please have a read on that too ..

  4. thanks for the honour :-)
    ur blog is amazing :-)

    but wd be interested to know how have u locked ur poems from being copied ....i wd love to do that too dont know how :(

  5. @ Mysterious Girl

    The Lock on the Blog is being taken from a Hindi Blog and I have a link for the same in my Blog too... please have a look in Thus Spake Tan! for the information.

    Post Name: थोड़ा और मज़बूत ताला|

    And for the honour? You always deserve this ... Keep Writing :)

  6. thats brilliant tan!! :)
    short and beautiful...!! write some poetry myself...and this was brilliant!!

  7. thanks for the info.... but i see the lock edited in english in ur did u manage that ?.... i know i m disturbing u too much :P

  8. Thanks Leo ... thanks for visiting my blog and reading the post(s) ... keep visiting and encouraging me ...

    @ MG
    Send me an email, I will send you the code ... and tell you how to do that ...

  9. Delicate thoughts, well conveyed

  10. short, simple and sweet :)

    will visit more often...keep writing!

  11. Thanks Onkar and Misty Rhythm ...

    ... the want of a writer has always been readers ... if you people keep on reading me, I will be surely writing more ... Thanks again for the encouragement, for all I want is this ...

    Keep visiting ... and take a look into my other blogs too ... :)

  12. I loved this one totally :D
    Well done


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