Saturday, January 3, 2009

Complicated.... (Contd.)

Backdrop: I write for the Writer's Lounge, and there are numerous writers in that blog, who write much well than what I do. I was reading through a poem posted by one of my mates there. The poem was as awesome as it would be. You will know if you would go through the poem available in this link. Now, after reading it, I felt that the write is incomplete and I asked myself what would happen in its continuation. I should give full credit to Mona, the author of the original poem, which encouraged me to write the following in continuation. I would request you to go through her poem before reading the following...

After a few years of moving on:

Life's worth it, I thought
I had to fight, and so I fought.
I reached there, where I am now
And I will move on, and stop not.

My fate was ill, but I stood still
I went back and won that hill,
I kept moving, even in the dark,
Holding on to a ray; and I reached the spark.
I moved on, with a desire in heart,
The world pulled me, but I acted smart.
I loved and I kissed, even when my world was inundated
It feels so easy now, as if life was never complicated.

[The same post is available here - link to The Writer's Lounge]

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