Thursday, January 29, 2009

मेरी ज़िन्दगी

खूब होता अगर तुम न होते
हम रातों को निंदभर सोते
खुश तो हम शायेद न होते
पर अकेले यूँ फिर न रोते...

ज़माने की परवा नही थी हमे
ज़माना हमारी किस काम की?
प्यार कभी तुने किया ही नही
साथ चली, पर बस नाम की ।

ज़िन्दगी तुमको हम
क्या कहे अब कहो
चाहो अगर तुम
दो घरी और रहो ।

तुम जो हो तो जिए जा रहे हम
खूब होता अगर तुम न होते ...

Tejpur, Assam
July 5, 2005

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Waiting too long…

Thinking of these wonderful years
Which I passed with eyes in tears
Maybe I could have sung a
…………………Brilliant song –
But, I have waited for you
I have waited too long.

An ocean of darkness was all around me
It was so hazy that I couldn’t see
When did the spring came
And when it was gone –
…………I have waited too long
Maybe, I have waited too long.

Birds that came, they did not stay
For every smile in face, I had to pay
Joy dies the very moment
As and when it was born –
…………I have waited too long
Yes, I have waited too long.

It was a dream when you came by
Smiling at me, you said, “Hi”
Holding your hands my pain was gone
I said, “I have been waiting too long –
………… “I have been waiting too long.”

Joy came in knocking at the door
I set my boat on sail once more
Until this time, it was rowing alone
…………I have been waiting too long
…………I have been waiting too long.

You are here, deep inside
What may happen with the next tide?
You may be leaving, I don’t know
Maybe you’ll be still beside…
But this is true, priced and known
That, I have been waiting too long
…………I have been waiting too long
……………………For you, baby
…………I have been waiting too long
……………………For you, maybe
…………I have been crying too long!!

Bikaner, Rajasthan
February 16, 2005

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मेरे गम

तुम न हुए गम तो फीर
हम जीए साहारे किसके
मौतआए तो लौट जाना
घरी भर ठहरो तो सही -
साथ चले उम्रभर हमारे
तो थोड़ी देर और सही ।

भूल सकता नही उन्हें
हर बार जो दगा देते हैं
हैं अनजान वफ़ा से पर
इल्ज़ाम-ऐ-वफ़ा देते है
आकर् साथ मेरे उनसे तुम
मिलो तो सही -

हमे अनजाम-ऐ-मुहब्बत का इल्म
हो या न हो
दौलत-ऐ-इश्क का गुमां
हो या न हो
इल्तेजा इत्नी है, हकीक़त-ऐ-बयाँ
हो तो सही -

Jorhat, Assam
July 3, 2005

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शब्द, कुछ शब्द

शब्द, कुछ शब्द -
. जिन्हें जोड़के कहानिया बनी
. जिन्हें मोड़के रास्ते बनाये गए ...
. कुछ ऐसे ही शब्दों का दास्ताँ है ये ज़िन्दगी ll

शब्दों के हैं कोई बादशाह तो कोई गुलाम है
शब्द - कहीं अघाज़ तो कहीं अंजाम है
शब्दों से तुम तुम हो, हम हम हैं
शब्दों से कोई मशहूर तो कोई बदनाम हैं
शब्दों से लुटाये गए कुछ नगमे
शब्दों से बंधे गया कुछ रिश्ते
शब्दों से ही उभर आती है खुशी
शब्दों से छुपाये गए कुछ गम हैं!

शब्दों में मिलन का पय्गाम होता है
शब्दों में कुछ खास तो कुछ आम होता है
शब्दों से ही कोई बड़ा, कोई छोटा है
शब्द - कहीं रहीम तो कहीं राम होता है ...
शब्द जो जुड़े तो इतिहास रची
शब्दों से क्रांति और आन्दोलन मची
शब्दों से बनी है कितने ही कबितायें
शब्दों से ही हर कवि का एक अलग नाम होता है!

शब्द, कुछ शब्द -
. जिनहें जोडके कहानिया बनी ll

Jorhat, Assam
June 30, 2005

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

बेवफा दिल

दिल का क्या है
दिल तो लग जाती है वहां
जहाँ दिल लगाना मुनासिब न हो,
शरतें वफ़ा का ऐसी ही है यारो
दिलको क्यों बेवफा कहें?

हमने तेरे खातिर सनम
दिलको समझाएं बहोत,
उरती पंछी, बहता बादल को देखकर
दिल भी उरना चाहे कभी तो
दिलको क्यों बेवफा कहें?

एक ही ज़िन्दगी है हमारी
तेरे नाम जो कर दी है
तेरे हाथों में है दिल हमेशा
तेरे प्यार में डूबा हुआ है दिल
फिर बेवफाई क्यों करें?

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now, I Move Up

I came back to consciousness when I felt the soft brushes of the escalator touching me over my jeans. I was standing on the stairs and they were ascending. The earth always moves; but I never sensed it before. How dumb I was! I kept on howling and repenting on my times of yore, when I was stagnant and everything else kept moving – in its own pace. Nothing stopped for me; none stopped for me. I wailed, when I found myself abandoned in life. I saw my people moving ahead and felt left out. I cried. I saw my life stuck in debris of faults, mistakes and losses. I stopped dreaming and I stopped craving for realizing them too. I had no aim in life. I lost all hopes.

This is when I met him – the man of my thoughts. He changed my life completely. He took me by my hands and led me into the world that constantly rotates and revolves. I no more expect people to stop for me and say a few words of praise. Now, I do whatever it takes to materialize my dreams and acquire everyone’s eulogy. How I wish to have met him earlier! He lifted me from the ashes as this escalator is lifting me to the next level. Today is the day I have been waiting for. Today is the day of triumph. I just need to reach the apex and step into a life where the escalators move up – only upwards!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Love? It's You

Love is true
When love is you
It sprouts your strength
When you are in blue ...

Love is me
I can see in thee
For all the gains in love,
Pain is the fee ...

Do not despair,
For we are true
Come and hold my hands,
For, I love you ...

Another Inspired post ... after reading this Poem.

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Missing Her ...

“No, I’m leaving now.”

“Please stay. We have only ten more minutes and after that we can…”

She did not let me finish my words and stood up. She took her books, held them close to her chest and looked straight into Dr. K. P. Ranade’s eyes. He looked back.

“Sorry Sir, I need to go now. I’m getting late.”

Before he could utter a word, Gayatri was out of the class. He went (almost) running behind her as if to call her and raised his hand in anticipation. He was about to shout when he stopped. He came back with a dropped head and came close to the green board. He threw the chalk stick out of the window which got lost in the dark in a flash, and smiled; as if he was thinking of his olden golden days. He looked at me. I moved my eyes away from him.

“Class is adjourned for the day,” he said as he picked up the duster to clean his hand and the board.

Everybody looked at each other. This never happened in last two years here. We were used to Dr. Ranade’s four hours of class, two days a week and every week for the last two years. We were in dilemma, whether to move out or it was one more prank from this old prankster.

“Do I send you a card now? Get lost,” he shouted in the peak of his voice and the whole building shook. I felt my desk moving and we jumped from our chairs and went straight out of the class, into the lawn and out of the gate of the institute.

It is half past nine now and one and half hours for the schedule closure of classes. The watchmen looked at us in surprise. Does everybody know Dr. Ranade and his way of teaching? I doubt! I was amongst the first few who leaped out of the classroom. I got a glance of the old man’s eyes while leaving as if he was asking me to stay back and talk to him and help him out of his misery; but I was on my own hurry – and I rushed out to see if I can find Gayatri somewhere. I came out, crossed the road and asked Rajan, the shopkeeper to give me a light. I took one out of the cigarette box and lit it outside the dark shop. There was hardly any customer apart from us, the students of Prabhabati School of Business and Entrepreneurship. It was so dark that I could only see the main gate of our campus with the golden logo on it and the last part of the name of the college in silver.

“Did you see Gayatri around here? She came out a few minutes ago.” I held the cigarette between two fingers and asked Rajan, who went clueless. I knew he would not tell anything without any tip; but I did not have any to offer him. I went past the shop and crossed the road again and came closer to the gate. One of those ogling watchmen came running as if I was detonating a bomb there.

“I’m not coming in with the cigarette. Stop.” I held my palm up and told him. He stopped but strolled towards me.

“Did you see Gayatri, I mean, a girl in jeans and white jacket coming out of the class before us? She left just before us and came out. Did you see anything?”

“No.” He said and looked at me in anticipation. I took one more drag and left him stranded. A few of us went in their own vehicles and rest of us was waiting for the institute bus, to leave at eleven ten. I sat near the shop for a long time looking here and there, sometimes restlessly but could not locate Gayatri. She did not come till we left. The bus moved fast and I reached home in almost no time.

Gayatri did not turn up for the rest of the week. For some reason, Dr. Ranade skipped his next class too. Well, they say everything happens for the first time someday. We did not care much. I came back from school on Friday night and slept. I was tired.

“Sukanya, get up girl. It’s almost noon now. Your mother is waiting for you to go out.”

“Yes Bua, five minutes,” and I pulled the blanket and tried to steal those last moments of the morning sleep.

“There is news about your evening college. Some girl called Gayatri Ranade is missing for some days now and her father has advertised a callback. Check it when you wake up completely.”

Bua (My father’s sister) left leaving the paper on my bed side. The last few words rang in my head – Gayatri – missing – callback! I threw the bedspread and jumped on the paper, where I found the following note:

I could not read the number in full. My eyes were full of tears and Gayatri’s face appeared in front of me.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

আলো, আর মন্দ নয়

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Complicated.... (Contd.)

Backdrop: I write for the Writer's Lounge, and there are numerous writers in that blog, who write much well than what I do. I was reading through a poem posted by one of my mates there. The poem was as awesome as it would be. You will know if you would go through the poem available in this link. Now, after reading it, I felt that the write is incomplete and I asked myself what would happen in its continuation. I should give full credit to Mona, the author of the original poem, which encouraged me to write the following in continuation. I would request you to go through her poem before reading the following...

After a few years of moving on:

Life's worth it, I thought
I had to fight, and so I fought.
I reached there, where I am now
And I will move on, and stop not.

My fate was ill, but I stood still
I went back and won that hill,
I kept moving, even in the dark,
Holding on to a ray; and I reached the spark.
I moved on, with a desire in heart,
The world pulled me, but I acted smart.
I loved and I kissed, even when my world was inundated
It feels so easy now, as if life was never complicated.

[The same post is available here - link to The Writer's Lounge]

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