Saturday, May 30, 2009

We excavated Love together

Do you live?
Do you live still?
I do not know
I would never know.

You came into my life like a tempest fierce
Ruffled my verve and you went away
And never have you returned to see my tears
Not even to check, if I breathe still!

I miss you
I miss you always.
Do you live to miss me?
I would never know.

I think of the time, when you were here
In my arms, feeling the warmth of my body
My burly arms secured your restless head
Your tender breasts rested on my chest
Your hair flew over my face and glittered
You slept well all night – I in you and you in me!

Do you recall?
Do you recall the eon
Where we ruled the nights?
I would never know.

Those nights were glossy, shining still
Bright in my heart, somewhere there vigil
The skin rubbed the skin back and forth
The search went deep inside the mysterious
All that toil and that sweat was not in vain
For we excavated love together, deep inside
The smile on your face, the pleasure on mine
Would haunt me every night for as long as I live!

Do you live?
Do you live to miss me?
Do you recall the eon?
I would never know.

Crossposted at The Writers Lounge on May 27, 2009
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  1. wow...marvellous poem..
    loved the lyrics in the 6th stanza... very moving...

  2. You write really good poems!
    The template rocks :)

  3. Thank you Arun... this is a new style I tried... a whole lot of new things involved in this poem... I posted it in the Lounge also, but not many read it... Happy to see you liked it Doctor... Keep reading me :)

  4. Thanks Usha... the credit for the template is not mine - I just searched - picked - added :)


  5. I appreciate for the lovely poem written by you. You write exceptionally good poems.

  6. goosebumps! beautifully written...could relate to it myself.


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