Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tagore: A Commemoration

There is no Sun as bright as you
You are still radiant in my heart,
Of all I read and of all I know
You are THE MASTER of the art.

Vibrant are all your paintings
The words you wrote are still alive
The wealth you gave to the world
No one else could ever contrive.

Bless me now, I’m all yours
I feel so proud when I think of you,
The world of art will surely miss
Guru of literature, O Kabiguru!

It’s today, when you were born
O what an auspicious day!
I remember you, we all will do
Every poet, wherever be one may.

…Bless us all, Gurudev
…May God keep your soul in Peace…

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  1. a very beautiful dedication to the great master.

  2. beautifully penned...
    a wonderful dedication

  3. if only i have had the privilege to meet him, i would have pulled his beard..

    happy birthday to him...

    he is sure the master of his art work of music..

  4. good.
    i share my birthday with him :)

  5. When you told me about this poet I had to go online and do some research, he was an amazing artist. This is a very creative tribute to him, and I am sure if he could read it he would say the same.

    Tan your poetic skills are growing in leaps and bounds .. and you make me so very proud to know you.


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