Friday, May 1, 2009

I miss you

I wish too, to have you close to me. I wish too, to dance. The dance floor provokes me; music tempts me; but your absence thwarts me. Only words that I can write; only paintings that I can craft; but I cannot make you appear in front of me.

At times, yes, I miss you.

Post Script: At times, we cannot just say whatever we feel. At times, we cannot just feel our words. A Writer has the advantage to be able to write her/his feelings. Most of us are not equipped enough!


  1. this was really touching...

    beautifully said :)

  2. ya.. really beautiful..
    do visit mine too someday..

  3. yeah that's so true.....and beautifully said! Nice picture too!

  4. you are so right, a writer can say it so easily what she/he feels.. i feel it too but dont know how to say that I miss you

  5. framing those feelings are tough i to put it down raw i think.....what you think is what you put down.....even if it doesn't make sense because the person you are writing those down for will surely understand......????

  6. @ Priya

    Thanks for appreciating my write. Keep visiting :)

    @ Pinkzz

    Welcome to my blog. I will surely visit your blog.

    @ Aruna

    The picture is from Google. Google ki den hain. I just uploaded that. Happy to see that you liked.

    @ Anonymous

    Welcome back. You seem to be missing. You need not be writing always. Yes, the writer has an edge, but if you want, you can just walk upto the person and tell her/him that you miss...

    @ Nitu

    Hi Nitu, how are you? Long time.
    I just wrote about a feeling that I felt. I feel such things and I write down. It does not relate to my daily life uch, but then, it is always inspired by something or the other. Thanks for the read :)

  7. hi..
    nice story.. the description of nature always attracts n u used it very nicely.. keep going.. :)

  8. Thank you Sonshu... thanks a lot!

    Welcome back to my blog. Hope you are doing well. There were few available words to describe anything; but then, if I could actually make it so that you felt the nature, I'm blessed! Thanks for the nice comment :)

    Keep reading me... Cheers!!

  9. good one..very touching..

    im in love with 55 fiction nowadays...


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