Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Night Stand

I slept for long, it seems
- As I woke up this morning
- And I stretched my hands for her,
- I found the pillows alone,
- One night stand was over!

I slept for long, it seems
- She woke up before I did
- And she left before dawn,
- I could still hear her moans around me
- Her smell was not yet gone.

I slept for long, I feel
- When I look around my room
- The last night flashed in my head,
- I saw the moon in my arms
- In the comfort of my bed.

I slept for long, I knew
- When I rubbed my eyes and sat up
- And my gaze rummaged around,
- I see my kingdom as it was
- But my queen was not to be found.

I slept for long, I’m afraid
- I found a note, she left
- On a beautiful pink paper, it says
- “Good Morning, my honeycomb,
- “Welcome to the world of AIDS!”

Its just a month left, for the World (anti) AIDS day. This thought came to me while I used to travel from Bangalore to Chennai, in night buses. I used to get both male and female seat-mates and there were instances when I prevented myself from getting carried away. Well, I did that fine, I know. But, the thought remained. Would have written it long ago – but its never so far from where you are … so, here it is!

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  1. Very effective message! I think I'll read it to my high school students!

  2. Tan, there you are!

    thus wrote Tan! is this fiction or real?


  3. Thank You Linda for the words... Do you really think you can read this out to your pupils? WOW!! Thats an honour in itself :)

    And Amity dear,
    What made you ask that?? LOL!!
    Please be assured - its all FICTION :)
    Just tried to convey a message ...

  4. A message well it..

  5. Message conveyed in a strong and interesting way..

  6. really imp message....n conveyed so well..!

  7. nyc way 2 spread awareness.....gud attempt.

  8. Anon, thanks for reading me...

    Gautami... I liked it too... same pinch ;)

    Raisha, Lilian, Chaarz..
    I'm happy that it conveyed - I would not be able to shout ...

    FCF, welcome to my blog... thanks for reading and liking it...


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