Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Even if I let you go

I just want to ask thee
Before you leave me
In all these years we were together,
Did you love me, ever?

It was all clear on your face
You changed a lot these days
Fool of me, that I didn’t see you go away.
My life is at bay!

I knew girls don’t have a heart
I thought you to be poles apart
I fell prey to the dreams you showed,
To the solemn words you vowed.

Love, I know a lot about
But, I still have a little doubt
Is it fate that has parted us, or you?
It is hard to trust, but true!

There was so much in you
I always felt the bliss as new
As you leave me in the world of sorrow,
For a better tomorrow!

Even if I let you go
My love, I just want to know
Were all the words you said just fake?
For God’s sake!


  1. its really awesome man!!! kudos Tan..

    BTW wat made u write one like this?

  2. sad but beautiful poem.. my best wishes and prayers with u.

  3. awesum man...
    sumthn like this happnd with me ..n the same thoughts are still goin thru mah mind..which u hav expressed in this piece..

  4. sad one but its really touchin................the last stanza is wat i think abt it evryday.............words r really unspoken

  5. Just a thought Sijo.. a touch of experience!!

    Thanks Anon :)

    Lilian, I am happy that I could express your thoughts! Unintentionally though...

    Raisa, thanks for reading me, my friend... keep visiting and reading me more often!


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