Wednesday, June 24, 2009

God All Mighty

Outside my window
I see the road
Carrying people and vehicles,
The road stays still
It never moves
Though it takes people to places.

An oldie clad in rag
All alone, fearful
Waiting to cross the road,
Nobody stopped for him
Resolute, unnoticed,
Waiting for a change in bode.

A child came toddling
From utter nowhere
Held his hand and took him over,
He bowed down
To kiss her chicks
Perhaps, he won’t forget that ever!

They never saw me
Looking at them
I was pleased, as the wind veered
The man turned
To his own destination
A blink and the child disappeared!

I could believe it not
I could not trust my eyes
All seemed to be so beyond belief,
I looked above
Deep, into the clouds
The clear sky brought so much relief!

I know God
That you are there
Overseeing us from all above,
Healing our souls
Easing our lives
And spreading incessant care and love!

Thank You God – for everything!


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. It is touching.

  2. A good and memorable ending to a wonderful post.

  3. Read u. Beautiful poem.

  4. well written dada....I just twitted this link and glad I did ....
    Love the flow of words :)
    Keep Writing :)

  5. Great work there... I loved the perspective... goes very deep..

  6. Great work there... I liked the perspective.. goes very deep...

  7. Brilliant work Tan :) Very well written.

  8. These moments often go unnoticed. Thank you for reminding us of the kindness that flows.
    Beautifully written!

  9. nice write bro...
    has a sad tone to it... very touching n optimistic....

  10. @ Sandy, Skittles, Anonymous, The Dark Lord, Roshni, Tumblewords, Gabrielle

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks a lot for the read. I am happy that you guys have not forgotten me and have come here to read me. I am glad to see you understand the point in this poem. Keep reading...

    @ Anurag

    Thanks for the tweet man... However, I could not find the same anywhere... :P Kothay gelo??

    @ Arun

    Thanks a lot Doc for the visit... keep reading me :)

  11. hi after a long break...looks like i missed quite a bit. as usual very beautiful . looking forward for more.

  12. This is a fine post, but I'm afraid I've been unable to find your ABC Wednesday post. Sorry.
    The ABC Team.

  13. trust that love is always is a wonderful way to journey in this world. Thank you for this poem.

  14. Only one word to describe this-- Perfect!
    Very true...:)
    The last stanza says it all:)

  15. Very beautiful. Excellent poem you have written.

  16. Hi!!i am very new to this blogging world.I loved everything that i read in your blogs.Hope one day i can stand somewhere near you.

  17. reallly very beautiful thought..
    was out of blog world for some time.. now i m back..
    bt whr r u these days???

  18. I think to myself that you have disappeared, just as I am coming back. I miss you dear Tan, and send my love and blessings to you and your beloved family.


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