Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Visit!

[Backdrop: I was going through this blog – The Writers Lounge, may be a 20 minutes ago. The very first post was a challenge – asking the blog members to write a story in not more than 400 words about Rain. I found it challenging too. It took me to my old days, when I used to write a page length story in Bengali, for which I got family wide recognition. I thought of giving it a go right away. And here, is the story – of a rainy evening, somewhere in Europe.]

It was raining cats and dogs when I left home. I was hurrying through the drenched streets and making my way to where she lives now. She would be waiting, I knew. She would be getting wet too. I took the raincoat, but forgot the hat – was in such a hurry. Took a bunch of yellow tulips from the florist at the corner; she loves these. I moved nearer to her place. Making my way through the fleeing crowd was toil. I hid the flowers inside the raincoat, hoping they would not get soaked. And I rushed through. Many of the folks had umbrellas. Hush! Why did I not bring mine? – I thought. This small kid, walking with her dog in her lap was trying to get underneath her mother’s umbrella. She was playing hide and seek with the rain and getting drenched – the mother was too hasty to look back at her, as she passed me. Hope they live nearby. The other couple was too busy in each other that they could not see the rushing limousine. And as I thought, the car splashed all the water unto them. They looked at themselves, then the passing car, then at each other and laughed. Weirdoes! They found another excuse to hold each other more tightly. All the people were either walking swiftly towards their destination or running towards a nearby hideout. None had time to look at anyone; neither did I. She was waiting! I hurried faster. I did not have time to enjoy the rainfall. I thought of enjoying the shower together with her. It took me another couple of minutes to be there. I reached her place just in time. I went past her mates in there – they had no visitors. I was the only one there – wet, but happy. I could see the bluish cross – no mistake, it’s her! I went near; sat by her grave. It was all sodden in this evening London rain. I took out the flowers and laid them by her chest. She felt it close to her heart – still thumping as mine. I felt she cried in bliss, that I could make it on her 87th forgotten birthday – even in this downpour. Tears were in my eyes too, but thanks to the raindrops – I went unnoticed.


  1. What a lovely but sad story.

    I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Almost everything I put on my blog is something I have received through my e-mails. I just wish I could write like some of the stories I receive.

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  3. my wife would love those flower...

  4. Thanks Guys ... thanks for stopping by and reading me ... :)


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