Saturday, December 6, 2008

Its cold here again tonight

Its cold here again tonight
And I feel so lost,
The buildings, the church, the trees stand alone
Waiting for the frost.

The window pane, the nearby lane
Look at each other in despair,
They are together, for all these years
But, never they could come near.

Its cold here, and its almost midnight
And I am out, in the road
The passer bys, a couple of them
Looked at me with a node.

I wanted to greet, but I didn't
They were running swiftly too,
Someone flew, grinning at me
Why should I care, who?

Its cold here again tonight
And I don’t have a place to go,
I am walking alone, shivering within
Its only that I don’t show.

A tear fell, from my eyes, I suppose
And went straight down the beard,
The hearts are breaking; the legs are shaking,
But nothing could be heard.

Its cold here again tonight
And I am missing you as ever,
You are, of course not to be found
Not here, not there, not anywhere…

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  1. its beautiful, very touching.. why do u feel thus? we care...


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