Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cats in Rain (Raining Cats)

[Another Story posted in The Writer's Lounge]

The mother’s lap was very cozy. She did not want to move out. It was almost evening and Mom will soon go out to fetch food. She would be left alone. She wanted to remain inside her fur and enjoy the warmth for as long as possible; but she could not. The mother suddenly rose from her nap and stood up. She looked around with suspicion and searched for something unknown. Cats are always like that. The little kitten has seen it happen when the neighbor’s bull dog comes down for a stroll, but this time, she was unsure of what the matter really was. She peeped out and saw – raindrops! It has started to drizzle. There was a fear in her mother’s eyes. Rain in the evening means there would be no outing for mother tonight, which means there will be no catch, which means they have to sleep without food yet another night. Oh! How much would she want the rains to stop! She is still young, and cannot go out with mother to hunt; yet she thinks she should at least do something to stop it from raining. She sneaked a look out of the old jeep ruins and looked up. It was real cloudy today; it was almost dark. She was about to come out of their shed, which they called home, but her mother’s paw stopped her from going out. The drizzle was gaining might. The mother would not let her child to go out. They looked at each other. Both were hungry. The mother could see it in her eyes. She was all prepared to go out and fetch some food for dinner; but it is raining now. Where would she go and what would she hunt? It was not unusual for her to go without food at night; but those were different days. Her daughter’s father was around and he would render all love and protection. They would go wild teasing, chasing and loving each other and running around the jeep and the hedge nearby. They never felt hunger then. Now, it is a different situation – she has her little kitten to feed. She cannot let her go without food – not even in this downpour. She looked at her. The kitten gave an empty look. She looked up once and sprang out of the shed. The little kitten kept staring at her – mum.

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