Friday, December 10, 2010


Eager to know thee
Yondering death coming close
Earth still, is my home

Acrostic Haiku written for Acrostic Only
The Earth is nearing its end and I can see death at a distance; however, I still want to know more and more about my Earth, my home.


  1. Perfect Tan .. you have not lost your touch! Yes, Earth is being destroyed by greedy government ... run by old men, still, it's the only home we have.

  2. i'm glad u are finding time to write reading u.. as Amias said..Perfect Tan.. just perfect.

  3. Nice Acrostic Haiku Tan and yes we have to know so much more about our earth and so it becomes a necessity that we preserve it for future generations.

  4. Hi Amias,
    I am very happy that you liked it... I wrote one after a long and you saying it perfect, has made it more fruitful!!

    Anon, thanks for being here... :)

    You said it right... that should be our prime thought, if we want to keep mankind alive!


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