Friday, March 26, 2010

Angel in Jail

In that lonely night
The moon was out of sight
I searched for it in the dark
But I could find no light.

Shackles all around me
Made me smoke, you see
Here I was in the prison,
Waiting for death to be.

Was sitting for long, it seems
Lost in my crummy dreams
As you walked in, I saw
Light coming in beams.

Never knew when you were here
You smiled at me and raked your hair
In those narrow rays of light
You could not see me stare.

The twinkling stars started to dance
The milieu filled with romance
My heart lost a beat somewhere
I fell in love for once!

With my hands tied to the iron
I could rise and call none
In the messy walls around me
I could feel, you're the one.

Never knew, when you left
Neither my eyes nor hands deft
In this lonely captive night
Never thought that love may cleft.

Your face glowed under the veil
I tried to call, but I failed
And one more night just passed
Death came closer, inside the jail!


  1. very emotional poem.. love it.. i feel im in jail, waiting for death..all i need is the ray of sunshine..waiting...

  2. you're a poet Tan!

    you write so deep and so well...and this prison poem? in some ways it reminds us of ourselves...t'was written in metaphors!

    keep writing!

  3. Hi,

    Are you based out of Agartala?


  4. Thanks for sharing, the emotions in poem made the jail also like heaven.


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