Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is This It?

Is this what you want me to do?,
Is this the life I should live?
I just want to ask you, O God,
Is this what I should believe?

You make me see things that I don't want to see
You show me a path I would never walk on
Still, you ask me to walk blindfold,
Will you hold me if I fall down?

I'm afraid for the first time in life
I'm afraid that I would have to do it,
Life's so scuffled and I'm so hapless
I'm afraid that I would have to quit.

There was a time, when all was mine
And I was the king of my dreams,
Life was heaven with light and music
But now, everything is so dark gleams!

Its so that I feel dull and dead already,
I dont see a ray of light anywhere,
There are not many I can cling to, to live
But I still hope, O God, You are there.

So, I'm writing this to you in hope
Maybe, you can bring some peace to me,
You know, it not at all fair and
Death should not come like this to me!


  1. Why, what's wrong with you?

    Of course, she wouldn't leave you without saying a word or two!

    I wish this is just a work of fiction and it's not real Tan!

    have a great week ahead!

  2. well written post.. bit sad.. why..hope all is well with you and family. Have faith and belief in God and all will be fine.


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