Friday, January 22, 2010

Summer Rain

Sun scorched day
Umbrella fared high
Molten ice-cream soothed
Mizzle intensified abruptly
Effused respite cordial
Rain drenched earth

Rejuvenated all life
All at once
It rained again
Not to stop

Written For: Acrostic Only, Jan 2010 #8
Acrostic with 3 Words per Line


  1. guess who is back "again' ;) !!
    good one as usual :)

  2. Alright then! A wonderful comeback Tan ... I have certainly missed reading your acrostic!

  3. Another wonderfully written acrostic .. (rejuvenated all life)love this line. im back too..:)

  4. Thanks Pratibha... thanks for coming back to my blog and writing to me.. It matters a lot!

    Amias, I was never away willingly, but I had to keep away - you know why! I'm happy that I wrote an acrostic after so long and more so, since you liked it :)

    Vidya, thanks.
    btw, 'Tan' is a better way to address me...

    Anon, I get your comments on almost every post I make in all my blogs... why do you say, you've come back? Be here... read me more and come to light, if you may!

  5. Wish you and your family a very Happy Republic Day.
    Wonderful poem. Keep it up!


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