Friday, January 15, 2010


Manmauji Manmauji
saade dil vich hai jo anand
us anand ko vekko ji
saade dil vich hai jo pyar
us pyar ko vekko ji

mere pehle bhi kitne ayein
mere baad bhi ayenge
jo bole so nehal hove
"Sat Shree Akaal" boloji
Manmauji Manmauji

dil me kuch jubaan me kuch aur
dhoka khud ko na dena
jo hai Allah wohi rakhwala
"Allah hu Akbar" boloji
Manmauji Manmauji

kehat Kabir suno bhai saadho
paap man me na le ana
bhatke hue ko rah dikhave
man me "Ram" boloji
Manmauji Manmauji

Manmauji Manmauji
thwade dil vich hai jo jasba
us jasba ko vekko ji
thwade dil vich bhi hai pyar
us pyar ko vekko ji

inna sara pyar hai dil vich
kade taan wo bhi vekko ji
Manmauji Manmauji...

I've put this one in English script to enable my readers, who do not know how to read Hindi. I want more people to read it; and I believe the message in this poem cannot wait until they learn the Hindi script! May put it in Hindi Script in sometime too...


  1. Great thoughts. Simply superb.

  2. Yes!
    I am saying it myself, I loved this poem... I have a tune for this and I will surely sing it in some place where it would be heard. This is one of my best writes ever!!

    Thanks for reading and liking it...


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