Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kaash aysa ho

Kaash aysa ho, ke mujhe tu yaad kare
aur meri yaad tujhe sone naa de,
ek dusre ki bahon me bitayein hue wo haseen lamhe
tujhe yaad aye, aur sone naa de.

kaash aysa ho, ke main tujhe yaad ayun
har ahat pe tujhe lage ke main hun yehin kahin
har dhadkan se tujhe mere hone ka ahsaas ho
aur wo ehsaas tujhe saari raat, sone na de.

tere ankhon me base hue hain, jo mere khwab
tu unko palkon taq aane kyon nahi deti,
tere dil me mujhse milne ki hai jo junoon
tu use haqikat me badalne kyon nahi deti?

kyon nahi kehti ke tujhe bhi mujhse pyar hai?
kyon nahi kehti ke ye duriyaan tujhe bhi tadpati hain,
bilakti, sulaghti hogi tu bhi mere judaai me
apne aap ko mujhme samane kyon nahi deti?

kaash aysa ho, ke tu yaad kare wo haseen pal
jo humne saath guzare the, ankhon ankhon me
wo din jo jhilmilaye the kabhi apne saath
wo raatein jo humne bitaye the, baaton baaton me.

kaash aysa ho, ke mujhe tu yaad kare
aur meri yaad se teri ankhen bhar ayein
bhari ankhein ho jaaye bojhal humari sapno se
aur tu soye. jaagna na pade tujhko aur raaton me...


  1. wish i could understand it...:)

  2. its beautiful... so well expressed and worded :)

  3. Tan;

    is it hindi or tamil?

    thanks for visiting my site once again, re ur request that am gonna teach u how to write an acrostic short story, OMG, i can't i am no guru, he he nosebleeds even in writing that one, bit thank God, everyone who read it liked it...but not everybody gives honest to goodness comments isn't it?

    just visit Amias Acrostic Only and you will learn a lot from there!

    Have a nice day Tan!

  4. Amity, you dont understand Hindi? Well, learn it if you get time... Its our national language... And about the Acrostic Stories, I will try to write something soon...

    Thanks for reading me Paramveer...

    Long time Rajlakshmi... Happy you read me after so long and liked too...


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