Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I will always love you

There is so much I want to say
There is so much I hide
But one thing is true
There cannot be a life without you
And that, I will always love you

No matter how far you are
No matter the distance in between
I will fly to you, when You need me
There nothing that you have to do
Just know, I will always love you

People will come and go in life
Someone will come to stay
You will not need me then, anymore
Then, I will leave as I came to you
But still, I will always love you...


  1. that was very sweet write :)
    every soul wants to hear these words, that you have penned so beautifully :)

  2. What a very beautiful and romantic poem! And even the promise of loving her always even when far from each other!

    I can relate so much! I wish to!

    Have a nice day Tan!

  3. its beautiful as always.. a lot of feelings..loved it.. will share with my love.. thanks


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