Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There you go

There you go
And you go again
Away from me…

Is there a way to show
Show you my heart
Throbs for thee…

I know you wont care
If I’m not there
Waiting for you when you return
But love, is it fair
To leave me here
As my love you spurn!

Alright, you may go
And not come back
But, I will stay…

I’ll still wait here
And I’ll love you
Always, anyway…

Well, this can be another song. I am not sure who is going to put music to this, but I am sure it has the caliber to become a song someday – yes, someday!

Happy AIDS Awareness day :)


  1. Tan, please sing..........lets hear the tune toooooooo. Good one

  2. Very nice..!!! The feelings very well expressed..

    Its a curse of the unrequitted love..!

    Cheers...Nicely written..

  3. Hi Tan,
    Beautiful lyrics to a song.. loved the words.. now uve got a 2nd anon.. :(..

  4. wow...that would be really a nice song you know!

    look for someone who can put the melody....and let me sing it for anyone who cares...he he he..:)

    lovely and romantic lines, it's somewhat heroic though!

  5. A wonderful expression there...

    Can I try to put music to it? Would be lovely... ;D

  6. u r just awesome man!!
    i just love ur writings!

  7. Shil, nice to see you in my blog.. welcome and do read me more here, ya to ghar aaja saale, wahan baythke hi likkhenge eksaath!!

    Anon, will sing it - come to light!

    Rashmi, Cheers!

    Anon, you again? No?? Now, dont confuse me more...

    Amity, so you have been reading me, and that feels so great! I would love it if you sing it... the heroic song!

    Lilian, the poet knows what to wait for, I guess... and if he decides to wait, he will... ami aar tumi kaake ki bolbo, bolo??

    Aarthi, thanks for coming to my blog once more...

    Nuchu.. thanks :)

    Sijo... come to Bangalore asap... we will have aa good time together!


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