Friday, December 4, 2009

Nothing else...

Nothing else I can say
If you want it to be this way
I'll keep mum and not talk to you
Just want to know, that you'll stay!

In this world so big
I've got none for me
I know it for sure that
God's got plan for me

So I walk alone, if I have to
Knowing you are there, somewhere...
But if this what, I am supposed to do,
I'll just want to know you will stay.

I know you are far
But wherever you are
I will reach you someday
And when we meet
It will be a real good treat
I know its coming our way!

So I walk along the night sky
The rivers stale, boats rowing by
I look above and smile within
For I know, you will come soon and forever stay!


  1. nice..."I look above and smile within For i know,you will come soon and forever stay" liked this line the most..

  2. I love this poem..........falling short of words dear.....ur work is brilliant as ever

  3. its mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. let me begin by saying that i loved the's so content and yet it's as if there's so much more behind the two simple words...and that is exactly what your poem reiterates so beautifully...
    loved it!

  5. Tan, cant we just think this way:

    I know you are far
    But wherever you are
    I will reach you someday
    And when we meet
    It will be a real good treat...

    so we gonna meet one day after a longtime and we both going to a bar and booze high! so its gonna be a good treat!!! watsay???

    hey jokes apart... this is really a good piece of work man!!! u deserve an applause!!!

  6. Such simple lines... but seriously thats all one needs at times!

  7. wow its so beautifully penned... touching :)

  8. so much feeling to words...great job:-)

  9. Vampire (LT),
    Thanks for reading me... I'm more happy that you have liked at least one line of the poem! Thanks...

    Anon, thanks for reading...

    Nuchu, read me more.. as you find time!

    Neha (MR), thanks for reading me once again... If you are not busy, do read me more!

    It has to be man! We would surely do it once you come down to Bangalore, Sijo. Its been long dude... miss you :)
    Happy to see you in my blog.

    Welcome to my blog Suruchi... keep reading...

    Raklakshmi, thanks again... do read my other poems too...


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