Friday, December 25, 2009

Love me alone!

Merry Christmas
I know there are people around you who catch your eye
But they are like passing breeze and they will pass by.

I know you have always felt whatever I had to say,
My dearest, I’ll be here forever; I am here only to stay.

I could have got a better girl, but I could not have gotten you then
I never wanted the world; I just wanted to be your only friend.

I realize it cannot always be me, for there are lots more you see
All that glitters is no gold; and the gold you have is all me.

I will be here with you when all that you like would be gone
You’ll hear me saying evermore, “Love me, like me, befriend me alone!”

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Nothing else...

Nothing else I can say
If you want it to be this way
I'll keep mum and not talk to you
Just want to know, that you'll stay!

In this world so big
I've got none for me
I know it for sure that
God's got plan for me

So I walk alone, if I have to
Knowing you are there, somewhere...
But if this what, I am supposed to do,
I'll just want to know you will stay.

I know you are far
But wherever you are
I will reach you someday
And when we meet
It will be a real good treat
I know its coming our way!

So I walk along the night sky
The rivers stale, boats rowing by
I look above and smile within
For I know, you will come soon and forever stay!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There you go

There you go
And you go again
Away from me…

Is there a way to show
Show you my heart
Throbs for thee…

I know you wont care
If I’m not there
Waiting for you when you return
But love, is it fair
To leave me here
As my love you spurn!

Alright, you may go
And not come back
But, I will stay…

I’ll still wait here
And I’ll love you
Always, anyway…

Well, this can be another song. I am not sure who is going to put music to this, but I am sure it has the caliber to become a song someday – yes, someday!

Happy AIDS Awareness day :)

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