Monday, July 20, 2009

As I left...

As I left

She was standing by the tree

Her big wet eyes staring at me

She tried, but could tell not a word

She looked up, praying to the lord

And I left

As I left

The road cried as I stepped on it

The clouds rumbled as I took the street

The air whistled through the bamboo woods

I walked past, as my mind broods

And I left

As I left

The moon hid behind the cloud

The lark screamed pretty aloud

The drops of tears left her eyes

As she looked up into the skies

And I left

As I left

Something broke in me, deep inside

As I leave alone my newlywed bride

I wanted to too, but I did not cry

But she did, as she bid me goodbye

And I left for the border – as my motherland calls for me…


  1. wow that was sad but really beautiful poem!
    Amazing indeed :)

  2. Wow Tan... so touching and beautiful... I loved this! :)

  3. well...this reminds me of the poem which i had in my 6th class....really wonderful simple nd expresses feelings of a soldier when duty calls :)

  4. Emotions so well portrayed, what a couple goes through, the pain, the separation, sacrifices when fighting for the country. Very well written. Can so relate to this.

  5. that's superb Tan bhai
    kya likhate ho

  6. ah! long time!

    this is probably one of the simplest poems i've read...and yet, one can't help but be touched by a certain sense of agony. beautifully expressed!

    p.s. i took a very daring leap and penned a few words in bengali! first time :)...plz do take a peek wen u have time :) (correct spelling mistakes, if any :P)

  7. @ Mysterious Gal

    Thanks for coming back to my blog and reading me. I am happy to see people still remembering me...

    @ Rosh...

    Thanks Little Girl :)

    @ Stephen

    Duty calls mate... and the call that the soldier hears are far to aloud!

    @ Anonymous

    I am not sure if you are the same one who used to comment on my blog. But I thank you for coming and reading me... I know I have been absent a lot - but I am happy to see you remembered :)

    @ Chirag

    Dhanyabaad dost... will write more in some time...

    @ Neha (Misty Rhythm)

    There are true incidents in life, when suddenly - out of nothing, you feel sad or pain - sometimes, you give it a reason, sometimes - it just remains within... A soldiers life is far more than a reason...
    Read your poem... check my comment - that should tell it all!!

    Thanks mates for the visit... will write again and write more :)

  8. Hey a very creative blog indeed :)
    and thanks for such a warm welcum at WL :)

  9. omg! thanks so much for stopping by Tan.. I am sooooooooo touched!!

  10. simple yet awesome.. you expressed the feelings in a right way


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