Thursday, August 7, 2008

दो नगमे

== १ ==

लो आ गयी है फिर वो रात
कह भी दो जो है दिल में बात,
मंजिलें अगर ना भी मिले
दे तो दो राहों में साथ.

मंजिल भी तू ही है
रास्ता भी तू
जो ले चले तुझ तक
में वो रस्ते में हूँ.

होंगे मंजिल अपने पास
मिल जाये अगर तुम्हारा साथ
दूर तलाक है चलना हमें
दे तो दो हाथों में हाथ!

== २ ==

न जी सकेंगे साथ तेरे
न मर सकेंगे तेरे संग
हम तुम ना एक होंगे
है हमारे अलग ही रंग,
ये दिल है तेरा
तेरा ही रहेगा
जब होगी बात तेरी
होगी नयी उमंग!

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Have I ever Loved you?

Whenever I see in your eyes
I see those twinkling tears in 'em
Do they have a story to tell?
I don't know; but I feel ashamed.

I was the one who set it up
I was the one who made you cry
I was the one who made those lips tremble
I feel that these all are 'coz of me.

You never had a reason to weep
You never had any eye to cry,
However, you have kept those all to yourself
You never asked me, "Why?"

Whenever I see in your eyes
I see how much I've failed
How much I could have done for you, darling
But I never did a thing - to comfort you!

Is this a selfish act?
Did I ever forget you?
If I have been putting you in trouble,
Baby, have I ever loved you?
Have I ever Loved you?

7:52 AM 2/6/2008

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