Friday, December 25, 2009

Love me alone!

Merry Christmas
I know there are people around you who catch your eye
But they are like passing breeze and they will pass by.

I know you have always felt whatever I had to say,
My dearest, I’ll be here forever; I am here only to stay.

I could have got a better girl, but I could not have gotten you then
I never wanted the world; I just wanted to be your only friend.

I realize it cannot always be me, for there are lots more you see
All that glitters is no gold; and the gold you have is all me.

I will be here with you when all that you like would be gone
You’ll hear me saying evermore, “Love me, like me, befriend me alone!”


  1. i liked the thought that the girl..evn wen shez bein cruel to the guy...the guy still luvs her...but frnd...its a waste to wait...mostly waiting dsnt work out...its better to move on.. its difficult...but thts wut one shd do...thrs no other option..

  2. its beautiful tan.loved it..

  3. Dear Poet,
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    Happy New Year to you, your beloved family, and readers!

  4. happy new year. both of them were beautiful.

  5. Vampire... I know re... no wait matters now... but I wish the poet would know about the same too...

    Thanks Nitu... you are not to be found here in my blog!!

    And Amias, I think we already talked about it...

  6. its good.....but waiting 4 some1 is useless....just move on....


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