Friday, November 13, 2009

Girl in the rain

There’s a girl in the rain
Hiding tears and her pain
I keep wondering
Who’s she?

Her hair is wet
She looks so great
I wish we’d met

She looks here and there
With eyes full of scare
There’s none around her
She’s alone.

I see through this glass
The distance between us
There’s a road I can’t pass
It’s jammed.

I can’t see her face
Amidst this menace
It’ll be real disgrace
If she leaves.

As she quiver
I step out of my car
And I walk towards her
In faith.

Seeing me come her way
She smiles at me, nay
She hurries away
In the rain.

Why would she just go?
I just want to know
Did she see me before?

There’s a girl in the rain
Hiding tears and her pain
I’ve a feeling within
That’s you!

...A dedication to myself and my beautiful wife on 12 years completion of our journey in love...

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Even if I let you go

I just want to ask thee
Before you leave me
In all these years we were together,
Did you love me, ever?

It was all clear on your face
You changed a lot these days
Fool of me, that I didn’t see you go away.
My life is at bay!

I knew girls don’t have a heart
I thought you to be poles apart
I fell prey to the dreams you showed,
To the solemn words you vowed.

Love, I know a lot about
But, I still have a little doubt
Is it fate that has parted us, or you?
It is hard to trust, but true!

There was so much in you
I always felt the bliss as new
As you leave me in the world of sorrow,
For a better tomorrow!

Even if I let you go
My love, I just want to know
Were all the words you said just fake?
For God’s sake!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

One Night Stand

I slept for long, it seems
- As I woke up this morning
- And I stretched my hands for her,
- I found the pillows alone,
- One night stand was over!

I slept for long, it seems
- She woke up before I did
- And she left before dawn,
- I could still hear her moans around me
- Her smell was not yet gone.

I slept for long, I feel
- When I look around my room
- The last night flashed in my head,
- I saw the moon in my arms
- In the comfort of my bed.

I slept for long, I knew
- When I rubbed my eyes and sat up
- And my gaze rummaged around,
- I see my kingdom as it was
- But my queen was not to be found.

I slept for long, I’m afraid
- I found a note, she left
- On a beautiful pink paper, it says
- “Good Morning, my honeycomb,
- “Welcome to the world of AIDS!”

Its just a month left, for the World (anti) AIDS day. This thought came to me while I used to travel from Bangalore to Chennai, in night buses. I used to get both male and female seat-mates and there were instances when I prevented myself from getting carried away. Well, I did that fine, I know. But, the thought remained. Would have written it long ago – but its never so far from where you are … so, here it is!

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